Sketchup how to take a picture [Fact Checked]

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Last updated : Sept 19, 2022
Written by : Louis Cely
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Sketchup how to take a picture

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Sketchup how to take a picture

Comment by Berry Mcmanemy

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Berry Mcmanemy, have a nice day.
- Louis Cely, Staff Member

Comment by Sena

what's up guys Justin here with D Sketch up essentials comm back with another Sketchup quick tip for you so in this tip I'm going to talk a little bit about saving views with scenes so let's go ahead and jump into it so um a lot of the time the Sketchup model you're going to be flying around a lot working on different things and you're going to want to start saving your views like you're going to find a camera angle that you really want to keep and you're going to want to keep going back to it and I'm just going to show you a quick easy way to save those views with a scene so in order to do that all you need to do is you need to move your move your camera to the camera angle that you'd like so go ahead and find whatever the view is that you want like if I wanted to keep this view right here then you would just go up to view animation click add scene so you can see what add scene does is that that adds a tab at the top side of your page labeled scene 1 so that way now you've got that scene where no matter where you're at in your in your model if you fly around here if you click on that scene Sketchup will take you back to that camera angle that you want it so it's a quick easy way to save of you that you like you can save multiple views at a time so if you add another view that you wanted let's say you wanted to be in the back yard of this model this is a model that I downloaded off the 3d warehouse by the way so let's say you also wanted to save a scene from the back yard of this model all you have to do is you can go to view animation add scene or you can just right click on this tab and click Add and you can see how that will add a second tab and then all you have to do is just click on these click on these tabs in order to move back and forth between the different scenes so you can you can save a lot of different properties and scene like for example you can save styles or you can save what layers are on or what objects are hidden or set complains or anything like that I'll get into a little a little bit more detail on this in the future but you can manage all that stuff over here in the scene section of your tray so if you can't see that just go to your window default tray make sure scenes is checked then you can come in here and you can rename scenes so you could rename this like back yard and your tabs over here would update as well and one other thing to quickly update a scene so if you wanted to change your camera angle for example from over here to over here all you do is just rotate your view to your new view right click on your scene and click update and it may take a second to generate a thumbnail for that scene but now you can see if I go back to this camera angle it's at this new updated location so it's just a real quick overview of how to save view properties with scenes so what do you guys think about this are you using scenes in your models I'll leave a comment below let me know I'd love to hear from you I'd love to have a Sketchup conversation with you if you like this video please remember to click that like button down below if you're new around here make sure you click that subscribe button I'm coming out a ton of new sketchup stuff every week I'd love to have you along for the ride if you really like what I'm doing on this channel please consider supporting me on patreon even if it's only a dollar a month every little bit helps that helped me just keep bringing you great Sketchup content in any case I really appreciate you guys watching and I'll catch you in the next video thanks guys

Thanks Sena your participation is very much appreciated
- Louis Cely

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Sketchup how to take a picture

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Sketchup how to take a picture

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Sketchup how to take a picture

Sketchup how to take a picture