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Last updated : Aug 26, 2022
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Pcb design engineer ahmedabad

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Pcb design engineer ahmedabad

Comment by Agustin Gwenn

oh hey thanks for showing up for the pcb designer interview once you have a seat all right first i've got three questions for you you've got 10 seconds to answer each how do you route a 47 layer hdi pcb how do you route via sideways third how do you lay out 100 kilowatt microcontroller go if you found these questions simultaneously horrifying and totally ridiculous it's because they are don't expect to get asked those questions during your pcb design job interview instead i'm going to tell you what you can expect in your interview hi i'm zach peterson i run a design firm i also work for all team as a technical consultant i've had to hire pcb designers i've had to fire pcb designers and i've also been on the other side of the table being interviewed for a job also being interviewed as a vendor there are some common questions that i like to ask and there are some common questions that i've seen asked during all of these different interviews so here's what you can expect in your pcb designer job interview part one communication so you're interviewing for a technical position but throughout the interview people are going to be watching how you communicate whether you communicate things clearly and what your interpersonal skills are like being able to communicate technical information accurately and clearly is extremely important as a pcb designer the reason is that you're going to be working with other designers you'll probably be working with a manufacturer maybe a test engineer maybe a developer all sorts of other people you might be the best designer on the planet but if you can't communicate what you can do and what you need clearly it doesn't matter whenever i'm looking to hire someone to work at my company i'm not just looking to make sure that they give me accurate information i want to make sure that they can communicate it clearly and concisely part two technical so you're interviewing for a pcb designer position but the questions that you're going to be asked are going to be a lot more in depth than just do you know how to design pcbs what's important is that you highlight how to solve technical problems and not just whether or not you know how to use a specific piece of software yes you do need to know how to use the software however being able to engineer your way out of technical challenges is actually very important and you need to be able to communicate that clearly some of the questions you might be asked include how do you route usb how do you route a ddr interface what's a two plus n plus two stack up if i'm working with 24 gigahertz signals what substrate material should i use these are the types of questions that you might get asked obviously the questions that you're going to get asked are going to be related to the types of designs you'll be working on so for example if you're interviewing for a power systems designer position you're going to get questions about power systems they might be high voltage high current expect things like that so i've had to give design interviews i've actually gone through job interviews as a designer and then i've also had to go through vendor interviews as a business some of the questions i always get asked center around manufacturing they might ask you about dfm or dfa considerations they might ask about this stuff for specific types of boards so for again how does it relate to power systems versus hdi versus working with specialty materials these are all types of things you can expect to get asked in your pcb designer job interview the reason they ask these questions is because they want to make sure that you understand the entire workflow from getting to a concept all the way to a finished product you don't have to have past experience as a manufacturing technician but you at least need to know what a manufacturer expects when they're going to open up all of your output files and start to quote your board the more you can talk about the entire workflow of pcb design the more likely you are to get the position some of the other skills you might need include coding so you may need to write firmware or you at least need to interface with a developer who's writing firmware you can do that and you'll definitely stand out from the crowd another area that is important especially at bigger companies is testing if you can devise test cases or you can understand how to read testing data and then use that to inform a design change you're also going to stand out from the crowd now you might not get asked about this stuff directly during the design interview however at the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask if the job involves any of this stuff that gives you an opportunity to show off more of your skills and helps increase the chances that you get the position last but not least standing out one of the most important things that you can do to stand out is to really highlight your skills and experience that go above and beyond the points in the job interview or in the job posting during your technical interview your interviewers might ask you how you solved a specific technical problem this gives you a chance to really show off your past skills and experience and create that link between those skills and experiences to the actual job post make sure that it's something that goes above and beyond the regular requirements and people are really going to appreciate that there's one other thing that you can do and i often get asked to do this when i'm going through a vendor interview rather than a job interview but if you can do this it really helps make your skills and experience tangible sometimes if you're explaining how you solve the technical problem what you can do is you can actually do a screen share and show an example layout that you created that actually illustrates the solution to that technical problem if you have something ready to go before the interview people are really going to appreciate how you've gone the extra mile to prepare and show off your skills and experience last but not least try and be yourself own your skills and your accomplishments and your experiences but don't be afraid to highlight what you know make sure you can do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd but do it in a nice likable way if people are going to hire you for a job they want to know that they like you and it's easy to work with you okay everybody thanks for watching this video if you liked the video hit that like button and hit the subscribe button and if you know somebody that needs to hear these tips make sure to share the video with them thanks everybody you

Thanks for your comment Agustin Gwenn, have a nice day.
- Chassidy Braham, Staff Member

Comment by Vance

do you

Thanks Vance your participation is very much appreciated
- Chassidy Braham

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Pcb design engineer ahmedabad

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