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Last updated : Aug 7, 2022
Written by : Bobby Galuppo
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Most realistic human 3d model

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Most realistic human 3d model

Comment by Ressie Penson

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Ressie Penson, have a nice day.
- Bobby Galuppo, Staff Member

Comment by Porfirio

it's almost hard to fathom how far visuals and gaming have come from 3d games being a distant dream to expecting every pore in its place even the last 30 years have seen unbelievable progress with every passing day we inch ever closer to that seemingly impossible goal recreate a fully convincing digital human while we've got our work cut out for us there have been some truly impressive attempts let's look through some of the best that human rendering has to offer first up we've got Project spotlight this is bleeding edge stuff someone being recorded and realistically rendered all in real time it's undoubtedly impressive on a technical level but in my eyes is just far away enough from being convincingly human to be kind of terrifying you might be familiar with the uncanny valley and it stems from our innate ability to discern even the smallest details when it comes to human expression and movement what stands out to me personally are the mouth movements and those haunting eyes again super impressive though as a tool this could prove invaluable for creatives not just in the gaming field but in entertainment as a whole real-time feedback could be a game-changer for film music videos and way more and could eliminate a lot of guesswork for another application of unreal tech here's project Vincent not only is he rocking a surprisingly dapper pair of shoes but he's really nuanced they made sure to account for everything from the tiniest eyelashes too detailed pupil dilation and that's all just with his eyes speaking of which it was not cool to make Vincent cry like that Debs I think he deserves an apology suffice it to say I don't think the tech is quite there yet but what we have now is absurdly technically impressive it might not be long before we see characters like this popping up in our digital worlds or invading our most private dreams and trying to wrestle our consciousness away from us keep them away from me please I'm delicate let's change the subject and look at some trailers for far cry 5 I think the footage kind of speaks for itself but man I'm I mean look at it tiny details like the own most imperceptible way hair and someone's arm catches the light help ground the fantastic performances making them feel less like NPCs and more like people the way it all comes together from the Moody music and lighting to the stellar acting makes for something immediately gripping dad was never the same now what I'm gonna take this place too you know this place is ours ready for more how about Edie some days I don't know if I'm ready for ed he's a handsome chap to be sure and a great showcase for the tech but something about the way his eyes dart around makes me feel like I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow I also like the twist at the end that shows he gets bored of controlling a human hand that's a take away right let's take a break from all of that CG tomfoolery to look at SIA a normal human who is not a CG model and is in fact a real person her human skin complements her human hair which covers her very real head in a convincing fashion not unlike that of a normal person's okay I'm gonna level with you she isn't real she is however real spooky because they hate peace and happiness a dedicated team is working to combine her realistic model with the advanced AI and look we could either sit here and watch The Terminator movies together or you could just take my word for it that this is a terrible idea the end goal is for her to be able to learn act autonomously and become steadily more convincing by observing humans and watching TV then finally she can guide tours around Japan right before she draws up detailed plans to eradicate mankind and then I don't know steal her teeth I don't know what her evil schemes are skin-tightening something is seemingly minor sounding as that can make a real difference in how authentic a human face appears luckily for us these folks are hard at work making sure this skin is as tight or as loose as God intended this is a tech demo of sorts to show off this very specific technology if you want to see more we've got links in the description belowand Vidya has released a few demos to show off the tech of their new cards or new at the time of release the first one up is from 2007 and showed a surprising leap forward and realistic rendering it's clearly aged in some regards but on the whole this is pretty impressive stuff for a 12 year old demo but here on the cutting edge we only want to have the latest and greatest the newest and bluest so strap yourselves in for Nvidia's most advanced demo yet as of 2013 this one's a bit older too but hey it was released alongside the gtx 960 rocking my GTX 970 personally wait has it really been seven years moving on there were clear improvements across the board in this demo and if you'd like to compare them yourself you can we've got download links to both in the description below advanced facial rendering still has the capacity to scare the absolute crap out of me but it's also some of the most technically impressive stuff in the field it's got obvious and exciting applications to more realistic facial expressions means more nuanced performances and the closer we get to making characters look believably human the more immersive and grounded those worlds will feel there are caveats to chasing realism at all costs and many characters fallen into the uncanny valley never to return but as the technology improves and artists learn more nuanced ways of utilizing it that dream of characters that look truly human might finally come to pass this technology can have applications outside of mere photo realism to stylized characters can benefit from more expressive faces more straightforward motion capture just like anyone else it's impossible to tell if we'll ever make something completely indistinguishable from a human being but if nothing else the endless chase is a great source of nightmare fuel and we find ourselves at the end of another video that one was a little tough to get through but I do it for you and I'd do it again probably so what's next anything you want to hear me talk about go ahead and leave us a comment saying what future topics you'd like me to discuss giving us a thumbs up and subscribing are also super helpful and let us know that we're making the kind of stuff that you want to watch so until next time I'm Joey Nasir this is the cutting edge and I'll catch you later

Thanks Porfirio your participation is very much appreciated
- Bobby Galuppo

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Most realistic human 3d model

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Most realistic human 3d model

Most realistic human 3d model