Layout pcb audio limiter [Expert Advice]

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Last updated : Aug 3, 2022
Written by : Cleveland Delashmit
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Layout pcb audio limiter

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Layout pcb audio limiter

Comment by Damon Raviscioni

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Damon Raviscioni, have a nice day.
- Cleveland Delashmit, Staff Member

Comment by Karena

hi I am jung woon quack audio application engineer at Texas Instruments PCB layout is critical to ensuring a reliable and robust performance in audio amplifiers although nothing can replace the value of design experience there are some simple steps you can take to improve your PCB layout today I'm using the TP 830 100 d2 EVM for this example the tp8 3100 d2 is a 2 x 20 watts audio amplifier when designing the PCB the first thing you should do is review the device footprint in the datasheet the TPA 3100 d2 is a 48 pin PHP with power pad the footprint also shows the proper dimensions and spacing for thermal vias which are critical for thermal dissipation in power paired devices ground planes excess heat sinks note that heat dissipates radially and share as much ground plane as possible in the radial direction and use bottom tracers near the IC in a radial direction it is always a good idea to ensure separate current paths for the low voltage low current and low frequency inputs as well as the high voltage high current and high frequency outputs this facilitates optimum noise and distortion performance be sure to place the coupling capacitors as close as possible to the power supply pins to minimize trace impedances and inductances if more than one type of capacitor is needed place the smallest value capacitors near to the VCC pins in this scope measurement we see that the output overshoot voltage is almost 30 volts when the decoupling capacitors are placed far away such high overshoot voltages might damage our devices when the decoupling capacitors are placed close to the VCC pins the overshoot voltage is significantly reduced all the way down to 19 volts since we have high frequency switching before the EMC filters and low frequency audio signals after the EMC filters we should place output filters and snubbers as close as possible to the output pins and ensure shot current return perhaps to achieve ultimate EMC performance using the EMC chamber we measure the TPA 3182 EVM with the EMC filters both near and far away from output pins with proper placement of EMC filters we significantly reduce the EMC of the amplifier I hope you found this video helpful be sure to visit the eyes into e online community where you can view other videos ask questions and share your knowledge thank you for your time you

Thanks Karena your participation is very much appreciated
- Cleveland Delashmit

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Layout pcb audio limiter

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Layout pcb audio limiter

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Layout pcb audio limiter

Layout pcb audio limiter