How to use archicad 22 [Best Answer]

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How to use archicad 22

Is archicad easy to learn?

ArchiCAD is not the easiest software, but it is much more user-friendly and accessible than e.g. AutoCAD. However, you try to do quite complex things (create a 3D model of a building) from the very beginning in ArchiCAD, while in a first AutoCAD course you usually draw a few 2D lines... which obviously is easier to do.

How can I learn archicad fast?

  1. 1-Pick a good first project.
  2. 2-Watch Archicad YouTube Videos.
  3. 3-Watch over a coworker's shoulder while he or she works.
  4. 4-If you don't have coworkers who know Archicad, search out other local users.
  5. 5-Find a mentor.
  6. 6-Consider training.
  7. 7-Find a template.

How do I start a project in ArchiCAD?

  1. Update your template. If you aren't the keeper of your template, ask the person who is for the latest version, and details about what's changed.
  2. Project Info.
  3. Title Block.
  4. Project Location.
  5. Project Origin.
  6. Grid Lines.
  7. Site.
  8. Stories and Reference Levels.

Is archicad better than AutoCAD?

ArchiCAD offers a significant increase in productivity and has a better-coordinated design and a computer model based on the building process. While AutoCAD lacks in this feature. While AutoCAD may be easy to use and understand the program, ArchiCAD requires more time to understand because of too many option settings.

Where is archicad most used?

The companies using Graphisoft ArchiCAD are most often found in United States and in the Architecture & Planning industry.

Is archicad or Revit better?

Winner: Revit. When it comes to massing, Revit can produce complex shapes and models, while ArchiCAD is a little simpler, so it tends to have less capability. When it comes to Nesting, Revit's complexity allows a user to create unique materials and objects to suit their specific needs.

How can I learn ArchiCAD for free?

GraphiSoft Website is the first free online outlet where beginners can start learning ArchiCAD through video tutorials, it's worth noting that GraphiSoft is the company developing ArchiCAD.

Why is ArchiCAD important?

Many architects find Archicad offers the best design experience. The modeling interface is a bit more intuitive, closer to freehand sketching, with options to model at different levels of detail - whether a quick design concept or detailed Building Information Model.

Who created ArchiCAD?

Archicad is an architectural BIM CAD software for Macintosh and Windows developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft.

Does Lumion work with ArchiCAD?

Lumion compatibility and real-time rendering for ArchiCAD And no matter what phase of the project you're in, Lumion is your perfectly-suited 3D rendering program that enhances ArchiCAD workflows while reducing the amount of time it takes to create beautiful images, videos and 360 panoramas.

How do I save a render in ArchiCAD?

You can save a view as a render-window, see "Save View" options source menu at the bottom of the dialog. If you check the white model-option from render settings, it will be saved too.

How do I edit a story level in archicad?

You can edit the story levels in the elevation view by right-clicking on the story level and then click on Edit story levels OR by going to design>Edit story levels.

How do I add fonts to archicad?

  1. From ARCHICAD's File menu, choose Library Manager.
  2. Click on the Embedded Library tab at the top of the dialog.
  3. Click on the Add New File(s) button, and browse to select the Ci Project Font. txt file your GRAPHISOFT > ARCHICAD [Version] > Extras.
  4. Click the OK.
  5. Save the project.

How do I change my level in archicad?

Move the cursor onto the Story Level Line you wish to move. The cursor will assume the Mercedes shape. Click and drag the story level line to edit its elevation.

How do I create an ArchiCAD template?

  1. Open a new empty project file.
  2. Edit your project preferences, set up the project structure and/or place elements.
  3. Save this project file as a template: use File > Save as, and choose “ArchiCAD Project Template (*. tpl)” as the file type.

Is ArchiCAD better than SketchUp?

Reviewers felt that Archicad meets the needs of their business better than SketchUp. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Archicad is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Archicad over SketchUp.

What are the features of ArchiCAD?

  • Beams and Columns Tool.
  • Stair Tool.
  • Railing Tool.
  • Pro Visualisation.
  • Element Classification.
  • IFC Hotlinks.
  • Collision Detection.

How AutoCAD is different from ArchiCAD?

AutoCAD has more industry-specific tools making it utilizable by professionals from various industries. On the other hand, ArchiCAD is a BIM software for the creation of virtual buildings. AutoCAD is better used by professionals who are able to utilize the powerful tools provided and by large scale businesses.

Which version of ArchiCAD is best?

Hello Anton Kazmin, I agree with Anton, Archicad 24 is by far the most relevant version since Archicad 17 and its materials manager.

Who uses ArchiCAD?

The software is suited for architecture and engineering projects. You can use it to draft 2D and 3D models, architectural renderings, and technical drawings. Architects, drafters, and engineers can utilize ArchiCAD to plan both the aesthetics and technical aspects of construction projects.

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How to use archicad 22

Comment by Dahlia Lesso

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Dahlia Lesso, have a nice day.
- Enola Hataway, Staff Member

Comment by tuntainlyd

okay so my name's Zayn I've been teaching archicad since 1998 so now there has been a couple of years like recently that i haven't really been using a key can a lot so you might climb air getting on where the hell's that button i apologize for that and today what we're going to try to do is teach you how to use archicad and the space of about one hour which is pretty ambitious now this means that you're not going to get the most in-depth and we're going to make some sort of tricky shortcuts so that we can achieve what you guys need for this project and i'm more than happy to sort of help you out or point you in the right direction to get more assistance with archicad so yeah I apologize for the compactness of this but it would be a really good start not just for this project but for using ArchiCAD in the future if you've used other Caird programs one thing I always tell people don't be afraid to jump ship this is going to happen multiple times through your career there's going to be some new fandangled CAD program come out in a few years time that we don't even know about yet that everybody's using and you'll have to change you go into a river you know workshop sorry company one day and then maybe you didn't end up with another job and using no skip jump or something hideous so don't be if once you've lit one CAD program though it's not that difficult to jump ship you're gonna kick and scream and go I really want this thing but hey what's this new thing so it's it's not the end of the world is what I'm saying basically learn as many as you can alright so first thing I'm gonna find our ki kid so I believe you guys have forgot archicad 22 on there now if you want archicad at home i think if you go to my archicad calm you can sign up with your university account and get a free copy i think last a year each year you have to renew it which was convenient cuz mine only ran out just the other day and I thought I better just open up a few care just to check to make sure everything's all good and that told me that I needed to renew my license which glad I did thick as otherwise yeah I wouldn't be using my laptop right now okay so we're just going to go and create a new project where we all found our key kid I'll take that as a yes all right now ArchiCAD is a boom so the big difference now some of you might be gana I like to use Rhino rhino is a free-form model entirely different way of working and a lot of the stuff that you're going to see and CAD software but pure cared software has come from a totally different world it's come from a drawing board and so there's all sorts of little things that it's inherited along the way freeform modeling software and so like Rhino has come from a totally different place as well from you know basically computer programmed images and say all sorts of funny little things will crop up things like x and y and z being and different orientations because in our world we always think of wires up you know and z there's depth and X is you know the sideways it's about then when they agree on whereas when you're drawing a picture on a piece of paper you think of x and y flat on the paper so z it is up as your elevation so you're gonna find little funny things like that so there is a lot of history and I could go on for probably at least this hour just talking about the history of cared but we haven't got time for that so the idea of them is versus like sort of something like AutoCAD boom is an information model okay so a Building Information model and so there's all of this extra data attached to it so it's not like illustrator where you draw a line and as well I suppose got a little bit of information what color and how thick that's about it and here when we draw a line that could be the edge of a slab it could be it could be a a wall it could be a line of trees who knows yeah there's all sorts of things that this can be so you'll find that all of the tools in here all have lots of information attached to them okay so it's not just a straight line or a square afghans or something in autocad you have to draw like you know four lines to make a wall this for Karen it's not like that at all and so ribbit and obviously the two big ones there's also MicroStation but that's not a conversation and so I can rivet basically achieving the same thing and different sort of ways on the left-hand side here you'll see we've got a whole bunch of tools so the first ones here you'll use quite a lot these are the design tools there's walls and slabs roofs and all that stuff now just because it says it's the roof doesn't mean it can't be a wheelchair ramp okay so these things just because they're called a wall tool doesn't have to be an actual wall there's also Windows now things like Windows this is a very intelligent bit of software so we don't have to make a hole in our wall and then fit a window to it when we're going fit the window it creates the hole in the wall for us so they all interact nicely with each other they all have their own settings and we'll see that maisha I'm just going to close these because you probably don't see those at the moment so all of these are our tools okay some of these are two-dimensional tools so all these document tools down here if this is collapsed there's a little triangle that you just click on to make them expand and then down the bottom there we've just got some extra little bits and pieces now ArchiCAD is incredibly customizable so you might go into a and to a into a design studio and they've got it looks totally different because the care technician has arranged everything that suits their workflows so you can totally customize this and rearrange windows and manage it all again we haven't really got time to go into that but it is possible you can export those settings and import them and stuff so if you've got a particular way of working yeah you can totally customize the software to work like that but we're gonna be using this default setup that all our icons down the left-hand side now every time you change to a different thing you'll notice that this bar across here changes okay so those are all of the basic students but it's not all of the settings it's just some really handy ones that you tend to use on a regular basis at the very very top up here you'll see there's a whole bunch of other little tool sounds like measuring tools and trims one year so we can like from walls to a line or something like that there's all sorts of crazy stuff up there as well and on the right hand side it's basically how we organize all of our documents I saw that one shouldn't be there either so I'm gonna talk very briefly about this but if you want to use ArchiCAD to actually designed back buildings and plans and all that sort of carry-on you can use it a lot a lot this is totally misunderstood by a lot of people who use ArchiCAD and when I show that term that blows their mind just so that you know this here that first of all icon that is where all of your data is stored so if you delete something out of here if I delete the ground floor my ground floor is history it's gone and I'm never getting it back aga

Thanks tuntainlyd your participation is very much appreciated
- Enola Hataway

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