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How to measure distance altium

How do you measure distance in Altium?

This command can be accessed from the PCB Editor and the PCB Library Editor, by: Choosing the Reports » Measure Distance command from the main menus. Using the Ctrl+M keyboard shortcut.

How does camtastic measure distance?

If you can't see the panel, go to View>Workspace Panels>Camtastic and click on "Camtastic". The distance measurement shows in the middle window of the panel.

How does Altium measure 3D objects?

To use the 3D measurement tool, run the Reports -> Measure 3D Objects command and keep an eye on the Status bar for the following steps: You will be prompted to Choose First 3D Object or Face. As you move the cursor over a potential 3D object, the color of that object will change to green.

How do you snap to grid in Altium?

  1. Click View » Grids » Set Global Snap Grid from the main menus.
  2. Use the Shift+Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut.

How do you measure in Altium CAMtastic?

  1. Choosing the Analysis » Measure » Point to Point command from the main menus.
  2. Clicking the button on the CAMtastic Standard toolbar.
  3. Using the Shift+M keyboard shortcut.

How do you change units in Altium?

There are some other ways to change the units of measurement in Altium Designer's layout tool. You can use the command: “Toggle Units” found in the View pulldown menu as shown below. As with the schematic, you can also use the keystroke shortcut combination of “vu” to change the units.

What is camtastic?

Camtastic is quirky CAM software that comes with Altium (formerly know as Protel). It's useful for importing Gerber files, making minor changes to them, and for panelizing. Unfortunately, the software has terrible documentation. Doesn't use the same user interface or philosophy as the other Altium tools, and is buggy.

How do I edit a Gerber file?

The correct way to modify Gerber files is normally go back to the original CAD files that generated the Gerber files in the first place. Then use that software to modify the design to your requirements and re-generate the outputs.

How do I add 3D to footprint in Altium?

  1. Place 3D Body and assign Step Model.
  2. In the .PcbLib with the footprint in view, Place a 3D Body and select a 3D Step Model to embed in the 3D Body.
  3. Place â–º 3D Body â–º Select file â–ºOpen.
  4. Place the 3D Body into the Footprint with a Left Click and then Right Click to exit placement of additional 3D Body.

Can Altium Open STEP files?

At the fundamental file exchange level, Altium Designer offers both export and import capabilities for 3D STEP files.

How do I place a STEP file in Altium?

Import into a Component A 3D STEP file model is applied to a component footprint in an Altium Designer PCB Library by selecting Place » 3D Body from the main menu, and then the Generic 3D Model option as the model type in the 3D Body dialog.

What is snap distance in Altium?

By default, Altium Designer has preconfigured snap grids with 1mm, 2.5mm and 5mm grid spacing, which can be switched in any editor by pressing the G hotkey button at any time.

What is gridding in PCB?

The PCB grid is akin to crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines on the layout. The intersection of the grid lines forms coordinates on the PCB to make component placement and routing easier.

How do I change the trace width in Altium?

To change the track width source while routing, press the 3 key on the keyboard. Press Shift+W to select a different value for the User Width. When you change the track width mode, you move between the values defined in the applicable design rule (min/preferred/max), and User Choice.

How do I open CAM editor in Altium?

Access. This page is part of the main Preferences dialog that is accessed by clicking the control in the upper-right corner of the design space then selecting the General entry under the CAM Editor folder.

What is the unit for measuring footprint in PCB?

The new "PCB Footprint Expert" will default to Mil Units for library construction, just like every CAD vendors tool set. The User can switch to Metric Units to insert component dimensions and then switch to Mil Units for Footprint creation.

What units are mils?

/ mɪl / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a unit of length equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 millimeters), used in measuring the diameter of wires. a military unit of angular measurement equal to the angle subtended by 1/6400 of a circumference.

How do I change the grid to mm in Altium?

Solution Details. To make these and other settings changes while editing a schematic library, Go to Tools â–º Document Options which will open the Properties panel where you can change from mils to mm and check the box to Show Comment/Designator.

How do I view Gerber files?

You can open Gerber files with a number of programs, most of which are free. These free Gerber viewers include GraphiCode GC-Prevue, PentaLogix ViewMate, and Gerbv. A few of them support printing and viewing the measurements. You could also use Altium Designer to open the Gerber file but it isn't free.

How do I create a Gerber file in Altium?

  1. Select File -> Fabrication Outputs -> Gerber Files.
  2. In the General Setting set the precision to 2:5 (0.01 mill resolution)
  3. Include the layers that you want to export by marking these, lect “Used On” in Plot Layers, Select “All Off” in Mirror Layers.
  4. Be sure to mark “Embedded apertures (RS274X)”

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