How to make bill of material in catia v5 [Expert Guide]

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How to make bill of material in catia v5

How do I create a bill of materials in Catia V5?

From the background ( Edit > Background ), click Insert Bill of Material in the Drawing toolbar ( Bill Of Material sub-toolbar) and select the source product from the specification tree in the 3D window. Click in the drawing to indicate where you want to position the Bill of Material.

How do you edit BOM in Catia?

  1. adds a new blank line.
  2. removes any blank line that is added.
  3. moves the selected line up.
  4. moves the selected line down.

How do I edit a bill of materials in Catia?

  1. Perform either of the following operations: Select a column from the bill of material and change its column width using the contextual menu.
  2. Right-click the bill of material and select Table.X object > Update Bill Of Material.

How do I export BOM from Catia to excel?

1. Export your BOM structure from Catia to Excel either manually or using a script. In Assembly Design Workbench, Analyze -> Bill of Material. Reorder whatever properties and additional properties you have for your parts and assemblies and then save as excel format.

How do I draft in Catia V5?

  1. Open the model for which drafting is to be performed.
  2. Switch to drafting workbench.
  3. A new drawing wizard opens up.
  4. Window->tile vertically.
  5. You will get a view as shown.
  6. Click on front view from the menu.
  7. Or get it from.
  8. Click on the face as shown.

How do you make an exploded view in Catia?

To create an exploded view within a drawing that will always stay exploded, simply click on the scene name from the specification tree before clicking on the surface of the model. Then from the part file, select on the scene from the tree, then the surface. The drawing view will now reflect the scene configuration.

What is the Save extension of the sketcher file in Catia?

Ans: The save extension of the sketcher file in CATIA is CATPart.

How can I change my part name in Catia?

The process to rename most items in CATIA is to right click and change the part name in the Properties box. This in turn, will also update the filename to match the part name. Next, you must save the file.

What is Catia full form?

CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. It's much more than a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software package. It's a full software suite which incorporates CAD, CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacture).

How do you create a draft?

  1. Outline your core topic.
  2. Identify your audience.
  3. Plan with pre-writing.
  4. Make a mess and clean it up in later.
  5. Avoid adding minute details.
  6. Start writing without engaging your inner critic.
  7. Don't stop to do more research.
  8. Seek appropriate feedback.

What is a draft feature in Catia?

Drafts are defined on molded parts to make them easier to remove from molds. The characteristic elements are: pulling direction: this direction corresponds to the reference from which the draft faces are defined.

What is the use of balloons in Catia v5?

The Bill of Material provides information on the product element from which the view was generated. generate balloons in the active view. Balloons correspond to references defined on the different components of an assembly.

Where is explode in Catia?

Click the Explode icon in the Move toolbar. The Explode dialog box is displayed. Product 1 is the assembly to be exploded.

How do you make an exploded view?

  1. Do one of the following options: Click Exploded View .
  2. Select one or more components to include in the first explode step.
  3. Drag a translation or rotation handle to move selected components.
  4. Modify explode options:
  5. Click Done.
  6. Create more explode steps as required, and click .

Which is better CATIA or SolidWorks?

As you can see both Catia and SolidWorks are powerful CAD software, but for different needs. With Catia you can design the whole aircraft, however, SolidWorks will perform better when it comes to product design and machinery.

What are the two types of sketches in CATIA?

So I'm just going to select it, and I'm going to drag out that toolbar, and what I want you to notice is that there's a sketch and position sketch.

What companies use CATIA?

Many automotive companies use CATIA to varying degrees, including BMW, Porsche, Daimler Chrysler, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley Motors Limited, Volvo, Fiat, Benteler AG, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Toyota, Ford, Scania, Hyundai, Škoda Auto, Tesla Motors, Proton, Tata motors and Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

Is Creo better than CATIA?

Integration and Compatibility: Creo Wins CATIA plays well with other Dassault tools but sharing files with outside systems is clunky at best. Similarly, Creo integrates seamlessly with other PTC tools but also includes Unite Technology, a built-in integration and file sharing solution.

Is CATIA difficult to learn?

As catia has a total of 108 workbenches, it is very hard to learn all. Being a mechanical engineer we mainly need part modelling, product modelling and assembly, for creating models. Part modelling is easier in catia but product modelling is hard.

What is an example of a draft?

Draft is defined as an initial version of a piece of writing or written document, which is often checked before verification. An example would be a written order of payment by one party (the drawer) to another party (the drawee) to pay a particular sum to a third party (the payee) on or before a particular date.

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How to make bill of material in catia v5

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very well then we learn how to place the feature of Excel that informs talking so generally the disability without material used to provide the details of the five main quantity material mass weight of all the information with energy hero material so away they are two types of the bond but we are we five so we will see one by one so let us start with you so instead of studying it we will make use of the first part for us it will be out already created and your brain for SMU so we use the third product only so just open your assembly here now go to the graphing environment so mechanical design necropsy I will select before me thank you folks so I get to try to play this you exploit you I mean you got it isolated you Delta strap this windows to product and then select the scheme yet contain I showed you yes I will feel a bit flimsy and then let me product store interface this will automatically tender expose you and then slightly the dropping so again if you want to change in orientation office for enjoyed within the school sensing the schedule a change one by to get that nope the roughest to do so I think if you want to see the angle event in here so let's change - 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