How to import csv file to catia v5 [Glossary]

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How to import csv file to catia v5

How do I insert an Excel table into Catia?

DRAFTING (INTDRAFT) the correct excel table is not shown scenario: on CATIA V5R17SP3 1)Open Excel 2)create a table in excel with some text and save it 3)open CATIA and create a new drawing 4) select insert/object 5) select create from file and browse the excel file from step 2 6) save the drawing as ref-R17.

How do I import coordinates into Catia?

  1. Get the coordinates of curve. First, you need an Excel file in which you have all the coordinates of the curve or an airfoil.
  2. Download the GSDpointsplineloftfromExcel. xls file.
  3. Enable Macros.
  4. Go to View, Macros then View Macros.

How do I import aerofoil into Catia?

  1. Download and Open Profscan.
  2. Import the .dat file of the airfoil coordinates.
  3. Export the airfoil profile as .dxf file.
  4. Open the .dxf file in Catia.
  5. Copy the airfoil by selecting and pressing Ctrl+C.
  6. Open new part design, start sketch in any desired plane and press Ctrl+V to paste the airfoil.

How do I create a design table in Catia v5?

1. Click the Design Table icon on the bottom of the design space. 2. Make sure you select “Create a design table with current parameter values” and also that the orientation is “Vertical”.

How do I edit a table in Catia?

  1. Click Table in the Annotations toolbar.
  2. Click a point in the drawing to specify the table position. Tables cannot be associative.
  3. In the Table Editor dialog box that appears, enter the number of columns and rows you want for the table.
  4. Click OK to validate the table creation.

How do I import coordinates into airfoil?

  1. Download coordinates from NACA. For this airfoil tutorial specially, we are going to go for NACA 2412. Head over to the NACA website, search 2412.
  2. Make ANSYS compatible file. Airfoil coordinates in MS Excel.
  3. Import coordinate file in ANSYS. Open DesignModeler.

How do I create a design table in Catia v5 PDF?

  1. Create a table from the document parameters.
  2. Select the parameters to add to the design table.
  3. Specify a file to contain the generated design table.
  4. Edit the generated CATIA design table.
  5. Apply the design table to your document.

How do I copy and paste a table in Indesign?

Move or copy a table. To select the entire table, place the insertion point in the table and choose Table > Select > Table. Choose Edit > Cut or Copy, move the insertion point where you want the table to appear, and then choose Edit > Paste.

How do you select multiple cells in Indesign?

In indesign you can select multiple objects by pressing shift and selecting the objects you want to edit, however this doesn't work when the objects are pasted within the cell of a table.

How do you draw air foil?

  1. Step 1: Draw the basic Axis-System. It is convenient to use a drawing paper with grid lines in millimeters.
  2. Step 2: Label the Axis.
  3. Step 3: Draw the Points.
  4. Step 4: Connect the Dots.

How do I import points into ICEM CFD?

Copy the x, y, and z of all points (if it is 2D, you need to use 0 as z), and then follow: select Geometry/ screen select/ choose ... then the list editor will be popped out, paste all points coordinate here, then close/ ok /apply!.

How do you write a rule in Catia?

  1. The rule name: Rule. The first rule created in a document is Rule.
  2. The user and the date of creation.
  3. The destination, i.e. the feature you are going to add the rule to.

How do you make joggle in Catia v5?

  1. Click Joggle .
  2. Select Surfacic Flange.
  3. Select Surface in the Offset Type field.
  4. select Symmetry.
  5. Click OK .
  6. Click Joggle again.

How do I import an Excel table into InDesign?

Go to the File menu and choose Place . In the Place dialog box, check Show Import Options and select the table. The Microsoft Excel Import Options let you choose the sheet and cell range of the table being placed and also provide options to keep or discard the Excel formatting. After making your selections, Click OK.

Can you import Excel into InDesign?

First, head to the main menu and click Choose File, followed by Place to open a dialogue box. Locate the Excel file within the box and click on the file to generate the options for import. Choose the Formatted Table options and click OK to import the table.

How do I paste an Excel table into InDesign?

You can do this by putting your cursor in the InDesign table cell and pressing Esc. Alternatively, click and drag just to the cell border. You'll know you have the cell selected when it's fully highlighted. Paste.

How do I split a table into two pages in InDesign?

You can select multiple cells and split them vertically or horizontally. Place the insertion point in the cell you want to split, or select a row, column, or block of cells. Choose Table > Split Cell Vertically or Split Cell Horizontally.

Can I insert a table into InDesign?

Using the Insert Table option. To draw a table within an existing text frame use the Type tool and place the insertion point where you want the table to appear. Choose Table > Insert Table.

How do I change the Colour of a table in InDesign?

You can change the table border by using either the Table Setup dialog box or the Stroke panel. With the insertion point in a cell, choose Table > Table Options > Table Setup. Under Table Border, specify the desired weight, type, color, tint, and gap settings.

How do I make a dotted line in InDesign?

  1. Choose Window > Stroke to display the Stroke panel.
  2. In the panel menu, choose Stroke Styles.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter a name for the stroke style.
  5. For Type, select one of the following:
  6. For Pattern Length, specify the length of the repeating pattern (dashed or dotted styles only).

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How to import csv file to catia v5

Comment by Orville Sanchez

hi hello hola yo this is J and today we will see how to import points or coordinates of complex curves such as a foil from Excel to katiya so without wasting our time let's get started so first we'll open Sketchup will go to mechanical design and Sketchup the dynamic as airfoil and here we up so now you need the coordinate files of the curve well here I have got mine these are the x and y coordinates of the airfoil so you need to copy them into another file so this is a special file you will be needing so you can download this file from my website for free you just have to visit the link I have given in the description so we'll open this file and this is the file so now we just have to copy the coordinates of the airfoil into that file so we'll go they will just copy these and before copying will let me tell you one thing so we aren't going to plot the airfoil on Y Z plane here and we have the coordinates as x and y so we will just transform them so we will just read the X&Y coordinates as y and z coordinates so in this file the special file it is named as generative shape design spline from excel so in this and this find the first column denotes x coordinate the second column denotes y coordinate and the third column denotes the side coordinate so as we are going to treat the x and y coordinates as y&z we are going to copy and paste them here that's it so we will just push it down down below okay so now that we have y&z we need to enter the scissored SOI x coordinates are 0 and every x coordinate will be 0 so that's it we have all the three coordinates for the f1 so now if the excel is warning you that the macros have been disabled go to options and click on enable this content and click OK after that you to view and in the right side you'll see macros go to macros click on View macros and then select f EU IL 1 dot main fuel main in macros in select the generative shape design file and click on run so now it is asking you to enter one or two or three so type the kind type in the kind of entities you want to create so if you enter one and click on OK you'll just get all the points on the sketcher and if you enter two then you'll get the points as well as the curve so we'll see both of them will go for 0.1 first click on OK and then we will go to Katia so as you can see all the points are being imported and generated over here and here they are here is our airfoil see right so now we will check out option number two we will delete this and we'll go again to the generative shape design file then I can go in view macros macros one generative shape design run enter - okay so we'll be sick again and see here you have got all the points along with the curve that's it easy right so now if you want to transform this 2d airfoil into a 3d thing you'll have got another tutorial for you you can check it out I have mentioned different types of methods of doing it so if you like the video then please leave us a like below if you thought that the video was helpful then please subscribe my channel so that I could even help you in the future and don't forget that link for downloading the file is given in the description so that's all for today guys adios sayonara goodbye bye bye

Thanks for your comment Orville Sanchez, have a nice day.
- Josue Brave, Staff Member

Comment by CroonerS

welcome to imperial cad system in this video i will explain one command table from csv in catia v5 drafting what does this option do here we can see two options a table and table from csv this we can directly use on the drafting workbench see select the table give number of rows number of columns and just go for ok see here we got table to edit that just double click and insert any text to increase size of rows and columns we can just drag this is one option then what is this table from csv do see cable from csv then we have to select that particular pharma format it's not in a excel sheet you can't select excel sheet here see here we have see here excel sheet i am opening the sheet some data is inserted in this this is also table okay but you can't select this sheet by using this csv option then see here it only supports dot csv files then we have to convert this sheet into csv format go for file save as excel then open this type file type you can see csc ms dos just select that i am saving that on desktop then go for save go for ok here yes see i minimize this here you can see that file csv file now i go to katia i open capture drawing i delete this table then i select this option now i select this file open then you can see the table inserted in the drafting workbench like this we have to use this option create excel sheet convert that into csv file then directly dump on get a wi-fi drafting workbench thank you for watching this video for more videos share and subscribe imperial cat system

Thanks CroonerS your participation is very much appreciated
- Josue Brave

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