How to change vectorworks license number [New Info]

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How to change vectorworks license number

How do I change my vectorworks serial number?

  1. Select the command. The Vectorworks Preferences dialog box opens.
  2. Click Serial Numbers from the Session tab. The Serial Numbers dialog box opens.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter the serial number exactly as it appears on the label.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Only one serial number can be applied at a time.

How do I find my vectorworks license number?

You can find your full serial number on the student portal or the Vectorworks Service Select site. If you are not a student or on Vectorworks Service Select then you can email with the last 6 & ask for the full number.

How do I verify a vectorworks license?

Access: Select License from the site protection System Menu. The current licenses in use, and the number available, are displayed for each product. Alternatively, click Status from the main Server Administration screen to access the Status screen. From there, click vektorwrx from the License Usage column.

How do I activate vectorworks?

  1. Go to: Vectorworks Student Portal | Vectorworks Educational Portal (
  2. Enter your email address, language, and country, click Create.
  3. Check your email for the activation email, click the Activation button.
  4. Click the Activate button.

Is Vectorworks free for students?

Your Free Educational License Students and professors in select global markets can download a free individual copy of Vectorworks Design Suite software, which includes all the capabilities of Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight. Visit the Academic Portal to start bringing your designs to life.

How do I renew my vectorworks student license?

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the tab 'Licenses'.
  3. Click 'Request Renewal' located on the left below your serial number.
  4. Fill in your correct information and click the 'Verify Status' button.
  5. The student portal will process your application immediately.

How do I get a vectorworks student license?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in:
  3. You will be redirected to the request page.
  4. Choose “Request a New License”.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Verify Status”.
  6. A new page of your school platform will open.

How do I install Vectorworks?

Installing the Plug-in Files Using the Installer From your computer's designated download location, open and run the Vectorworks Remote installer (.exe file on Windows and . app file on Mac). The installer defaults the installation language based on the Language settings of your computer.

Is Vectorworks better than Sketchup?

Sketchup is often recommended for beginners with its free options & being easily accessible for any level of graphic designer. Vectorworks is a comprehensive program that can be used for all modelling & drafting needs & is extremely customizable for the more experienced graphic artist.

How long does it take to learn Vectorworks?

You can even navigate to resource libraries within the Vectorworks software, e.g., line types. Additional palettes include attributes, snapping and much more—as you can imagine, it might take you longer than one hour to familiarize yourself with everything available!

How can I use Vectorworks for free?

Vectorworks Free trial To get a free trial, you simply have to apply for it on the free trial page. You will be required to input your info and contact details, after which you will receive a 5-minute phone consultation from representatives of Vectorworks.

Is Vectorworks similar to AutoCAD?

Additionally, some features of the Vectorworks program have no equivalent in AutoCAD/Revit, and vice versa. Layers in the Vectorworks program are not the same as layers in AutoCAD/Revit (instead, Vectorworks classes are the equivalent).

Is Vectorworks similar to ArchiCAD?

As mentioned before, ArchiCAD is most similar to Vectorworks Architect, so if you're looking to do work that has to do with landscape design, set design, and other specialized design fields, you would do well to check out Vectorworks' other suites.

Is vectorworks similar to Revit?

If you are comparing Vectorworks to Revit, the most relevant comparable product would be Vectorworks Architect. Vectorworks Architect is geared towards 2D drafting and 3D modeling and, much like Revit, it offers full BIM capabilities. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Does vectorworks work on Mac?

We do support Vectorworks running under Boot Camp on Mac machines. As long as you have appropriate and current drivers for the hardware on your machine, you can expect fast and reliable Vectorworks behavior.

How do you use lighting in Vectorworks?

To add a light source: Click the Light tool from the Visualization tool set. From the Tool bar, select the type of light source to insert (directional light, point light, spot light, or custom light). If inserting a directional light, click the light placement mode (Default Direction or Set Direction).

Is learning vector work hard?

The users may require additional time to get familiar with the tools and working process of the program. There are limited online tutorials on VectorWorks Programs for the users. Since the software is hard to learn, the users would need tutorials to learn the software.

Can you import Vectorworks into SketchUp?

All versions of Vectorworks (except Fundamentals) can import Sketchup files directly from the File > Import > Import Sketchup menu.

Is SketchUp compatible with Vectorworks?

The Import SketchUp command allows architectural drawings created in SketchUp (versions 4 through 2019) to be imported into a Vectorworks file. SketchUp component instances are imported as 3D symbols, and geometry can be designated as walls, roof faces, or floors.

What is the difference between Vectorworks Fundamentals and architect?

While Vectorworks Fundamentals is a valuable general modeling and drawing tool, Vectorworks Architect gives industry professionals a complete BIM solution to design, model, share, and document projects.

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How to change vectorworks license number

Comment by Li Mittchell

in this video we will cover patching lighting fixtures quickly and easily using the spotlight find and modify and number instruments tools it is of course possible to number instruments manually by selecting the lighting device and entering the patch information in the object info pallet but patching lighting rigs with more than a few lights is much easier to use the tools that Vectorworks spotlight provides for the tasks the first thing we need to do before numbering a group of instruments is to select them which can be done by using the selection tool and either clicking on one of the instruments and shift-clicking the others or clicking and dragging a marquee selection around a group of instruments oftentimes though we need to select specific devices to number and patch as a group navigate to the spotlight menu and select the find and modify tool in this example I've placed some clay packy sharpies and some Legos for us to use let's first number the conventionals first we need to tell spotlight what we want to find let's find all light you'll notice there's a separate option for moving lights which is important to remember all non moving conventionals and LEDs are referred to as simply lights next we want to choose a specific type of fixture so let's change it to whose instrument type equals and our ET source 419 s notice near the bottom the dialog shows us how many fixtures will be affected by our selections and under the end dialog we have a number of automated tasks we can perform on the devices we select by choosing the change the we can change any of the object info pallet fields to whichever value we select to illustrate this I will change the position field to front-of-house click OK and you'll notice all of the source fours have a position of front-of-house here in the object info pallet if we deselect and select a randomly Co position for of house next let's open the find and modify tool again be a spotlight find and modify this time let's find all moving lights whose instrument type is our clay package sharpies notice again the dialog tells us how many objects will be affected this is a great way of quickly counting fixtures on the fly this time however we are going to choose just select them and click OK now that we have our Sharpie selected navigate to spotlight number instruments before we use this tool many of you are aware that different people in the industry use different terms for fixtures name and where it's patched to clear things up I will be referring to a lights fixture ID or name as unit number the number you use to select a fixture in your lighting console I will address my lights using a two-part addressing system using universe and channel where a universe is 512 channels the first thing I will specify here on my unit numbers change the first field name to unit number I'll leave prefix blank but I'll change my start to 101 the first fixture will have a unit number of 101 next I'll leave increment at 1 this will make the second light 102 the third 103 and so on next let's give these lights a universe change the second field name - universe we can leave start at 1 then let's check the static checkbox this will gray out the increment box indicating all of the fixtures will be in universe 1 finally we need to give our sharpies a patch point in universe 1 change the third drop-down to channel some of you may prefer address or even dimmer I'm going to start my patch at channel 1 as I have nothing else patched in my scene now for increment I'm going to select the use number chance checkbox this will use the number of channels selected fixture mode to patch my fixtures according to how many channels in that universe they take up just like a lighting desk would in this example my sharpies are already set to a 16 channel mode last but not least we need to select a patch direction or which order we want the tool to number our instruments manual which is currently selected by default will allow us to click one fixture at a time to determine the order but let's change it to left-to-right we can leave select secondary direction to none but if you have a light directly over another you may want to tell Vectorworks to number the bottom or top fixture first by selecting bottom to top or top to bottom now click OK to see what happened let's deselect our lights and select the first sharpie we can see that it is now unit number 101 patched at universe 1 channel 1 let's select the second light this light is at unit number 102 universe 1 but it is incremented to channel 17 16 channels passed the first one selecting the third fixture and onwards will have a similar effect finally if we quickly select our source force and go to spot light number instruments the tool remembers where we left off and the next available Channel making it easy to resume patching the same universe or we can change it to start patching a new universe of lights thank you for joining us and don't forget to visit kbase Vectorworks net for more video tech tips and other technical articles thank you and have a great day

Thanks for your comment Li Mittchell, have a nice day.
- Tom Leishman, Staff Member

Comment by harguilhu

in this video we're going to take a look at downloading and activating your copy of Vectorworks when you place a Vectorworks order with us we will process the order within one working day as soon as that order is processed we will send you an email with a PDF that contains the links to download both the windows and the Mac version of Vectorworks as well as your serial code which you will need it to activate the software to get started click the link for either the Windows or the Mac version of Vectorworks depending on the operating system that you're using it's a fairly large file so it may take 10 minutes or so to download depending on your internet connection once downloaded you will want to find either the dot exe for Windows or dmg file for Mac that you downloaded when installing always be sure to install as administrator when the install is ready just follow the on-screen prompt you can enter the serial number that you'll find on your original order PDF here enter your name and company and then click Next make sure you read and accept the agreement and there's a readme document as well next you can either install to the default path or you can change the location where you would like to install Vectorworks on your computer click start to begin the installation you Vectorworks is now downloaded authorized and you're ready to start every once in a while you might be prompted to update your libraries you can do this by clicking download an update or if you want to do it later just click cancel

Thanks harguilhu your participation is very much appreciated
- Tom Leishman

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