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Last updated : Aug 9, 2022
Written by : Arletha Kover
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House model farm road cork

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House model farm road cork

Comment by Herbert Boe

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Herbert Boe, have a nice day.
- Arletha Kover, Staff Member

Comment by Clemente

hey guys patrick here it's friday and yes it's another live handover with sigma homes we're coming to you from model farm road when you get to build a home for a family once it's special but when you get to do it twice it's a dream come true when you look back at the existing house you see the potential it had and today we've got this absolutely beautiful home look at that back garden look at all the finished detail it's turned out so well let's take a look at the original design what the house looked like before sigma homes got involved you can see once you come in the hallway it leads you straight into the kitchen the kitchen was small it was long and it was narrow it just didn't work once you go to the new design you can see you come in that front door and it leads you into this amazing family room you can really feel the big difference here it's magic i love it i really love those steps those limestone cells it makes the home so welcoming can't wait to see the inside oh it's so nice and cozy in here so our clients bought this property about five years ago it was a thousand square feet it was old and it needed a lot of work that's when sigma homes got involved today the property is 2 000 square feet of beautiful design space this is the original sitting room in the house i love the picture rail i love the paint colors this is the only room in the house that we haven't changed the size the shape is the original come on i have so much to show you this is the main bathroom in the house but look at the interior choices the gray blue color and that white sharp tile and that herringbone wood tile effect this has turned out gorgeous originally this house had two bedrooms and one small box room today we've got four luxury style bedrooms walk-in wardrobe ensuite and new staircase hardwood handrail come on let's take a look the comfort and the feeling of that carpet that new staircase but behind me here is tree out of the four main bedrooms big double bedrooms i want to show you what we did to that box room can you believe this used to be the box bedroom until sigma homes came in and we totally demolished this wall we built on a big extension into the house but look how well this room works now you could have this a double bed loads of storage walk-in wardrobe what about a home office for two absolutely no problem here multi-use i love when those options are available oh yes i love the size of this bathroom that shower that hot bubbly bat everything you need for a young family a busy family this is the thermostat for the master bedroom what about if you like sleeping in different temperatures 18 degrees watch this so click twice you've 18 degrees and you'll sleep well what about if you like it a little bit warmer 22 again one press to recognize it two clicks there you go you've got 22 degrees finally i get to see the master bedroom this has everything you could ask for look at this walking wardrobe all the space to die for but what about the bathroom it's got that hotel luxury feel to it come on let's take a look the energy that comes from that window and that connection with the outside but the color scheme this bathroom works absolutely perfect could you imagine every morning waking up and having a hot shower here i'd love it the original house had suspended floors there were timber and a big void underneath no insulation loads of noise when you walked today we've got proper concrete underfloor heating and look at those floorboards it's so luxury to walk on oh this has turned out so good i absolutely love it it's about 55 square meters behind us we've got that lounge watching that movie but still connected to your family we have room here for a dining table and look at that kitchen and a big connection to the outside you've got to see all the detail in this kitchen you can see our granite beautiful warm colors i love the cut out here and the granite this creates a draining board this is perfect when you want that clean look in the island i love how these colors well they're totally different they completely complement each other totally setting the mood of the home we still haven't seen the utility room come on let's take a look oh my god the minute you open the door you can see how much space you have it feels so comfortable being in here remember this is the engine room of the house we've got everything you need this is where you get to see what the project is all about where the out and in completely make that connection look at the finished detail here but it comes with a surprise it's not this beautiful limestone sill and it's not this gorgeous stone it's what's under the ground here an aqua box you know when you turn on that tap and you hear all that noise especially at nighttime we've completely removed it and we've put it outside in the garden it's hard to believe this home was a d2 rating a thousand square feet today it's 2 000 square feet but most importantly it's an a3 rating it's a new home it's a new beginning the clients are underway and i'm excited i want to thank our clients for choosing sigma homes but most importantly for trusting sigma homes to all the sigma homes team i love you guys this is an amazing project and credit to every single one of you you

Thanks Clemente your participation is very much appreciated
- Arletha Kover

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House model farm road cork

House model farm road cork