House design second hand [Expert Advice]

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Last updated : Aug 13, 2022
Written by : Graig Muetzel
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House design second hand

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House design second hand

Comment by Pearle Authement

hi everyone thank you so much for watching if this is your first time watching one of my videos welcome I'm Alex and I'm starting my youtube journey by inviting you into my apartment and showing you how I have furnished and decorated the entire space using only thrifted and second hand items so in my previous video I showed you my bedroom and I'll link that video above if you're interested in checking it out but today I'm inviting you into my living room and showing you how I furnished and decorated a much bigger space with large furniture pieces be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video because I'm gonna have exciting news about the next room tour that I'm gonna do but without further ado let's jump into the living room I'll just give you a quick little overview here and we'll start on this side of the room so we do have a wet bar in the living room which is really nice we often have our friends come over here for like a glass of wine and we can all lounge on the couches here so we just have this cabinet that has our bar where and then up top we have a few items little random trinkets but the one I want to point out here is the decanter I found the decanter at Goodwill for $12.99 it's incredibly heavy and it has a sticker that says it is 24% lead crystal so I know I can't leave wine in there for too long but I think it's really beautiful as a decor piece anyway this fridge was here already it the previous tenants left it there for us which is great and then we have another free plant up top and this tray I found these trays I found like six of them at Goodwill for $2.99 and you'll see them all around my apartment so I think they're really beautiful then we move on to our futon so this futon we purchased from Facebook marketplace for dollars and it's really great because you know we often have friends and family that come and stay my brother actually stayed on here for stayed on the futon for a few days and he said it was super comfortable and it just snapped back snaps back there into a double bed all of our pillows were purchased at Goodwill for various prices I think this one was maybe $5.99 $5.99 this one I think was maybe $4.99 this is one I think was $2.99 but as a rule of thumb I usually only buy pillows from Goodwill that have a pillow case that I can take off I can wash the pillowcase and replace the inside unless it's obvious that it's a brand new pillow I really like to wash it so if if I can't take the pillowcase off I usually will opt to not buy the pillow then we have our pillow key or pokies our bookcase that we got it the goodwill pop-up for $10 yeah I think it's great because it matches the fireplace it almost looks built in and my roommate is a total bookworm so most of these books belong to her these two chairs are we're also from the goodwill pop-up they were $5.99 each and they have beautiful caning on the side they have kind of this mustard yellow bottom and then I just put they have like a tufted mustard yellow back as well but I just put these green dark green pillows on there and those were a grapevine for I think 399 each goodwill so then we move on to my fiddly fig it is absolutely huge and if you watched my room tour you'll know that all of the plants and trees in my house were free this guy was super sick when I got him and I have rehabilitated him I will say in my last apartment it was sitting next to the window and it was not seeming to you know get any healthier but now that it's on the other side opposite the window it's gotten much much healthier so I'm really excited about that I think I skipped over this fireplace which is really beautiful in San Francisco you're not actually allowed to burn what in your fireplaces anymore so it's purely decorative and we just have two other free plants and this beautiful little circle Sun picture frame with my roommate and I that I got at Goodwill for a dollar ninety-nine and then if we move on this is probably one of my favorite purchases ever this is a Restoration Hardware backless couch that I found at Goodwill for one hundred and thirty dollars and it's absolutely amazing it was so challenging to get home because ADA is really large and I don't have a car so that was definitely challenging but super worth it I just have this I don't actually know if this is a rug or blanket it's really heavy but I got this a thrift store in the mission community thrift and it's really beautiful I think it ties in the paint color and the couch color really well by the way we didn't pick the paint color that was already here and we can't change it I don't love it but it is what it is and then I just had these two pillows which are definitely IKEA and those were I think $5.99 Egypt goodwill and then I have another goodwill pillow which is looking kind of sad here I bought this one and I threw out the insert and after I threw out the insert I discovered that it's actually a really unusual shape it's 10 inches by 20 inches and I haven't been able to find an insert that fits there so I kind of stuffed it with some old clothes but it doesn't always look very perky but oh well and then we'll move on to the center coffee table so we have tried a few rugs in here I haven't found one that works I do often find really cute rugs at Goodwill however this room is pretty big and we want one that will go from the futon all the way to this couch and we haven't found one that's big enough we had one that was I believe it was five by seven feet or eight feet and it didn't reach all the way across so we really need something that's at least probably nine feet which is pretty big and we haven't found one yet but hopefully we will this coffee table is absolutely beautiful I found this at a off of Craigslist there was a tech company here in the area that was moving offices and they needed to get rid of some furniture so I bought I bought quite a few things from them actually and you'll see other pieces in my dining room but it's originally cb2 and i think i got it for $80 from them so it was a grapevine it's beautiful really modern piece and I love it and then you'll just see another one of the Ratan trays that I used to hold up some of our coffee table books we have some coasters that we got in ascetic goodwill then we have this terrarium the plant again was free the terrarium I think was actually brand new because it has like a world market sticker on the bottom I think it was originally $20 at world market and I got it for $5.99 so that was really awesome and I think it looks like a cute little setup here and really organized so they do have it that is my living room all right there you have it everyone thank you so much for watching in my next video I'm gonna be showing you my dining room and showing you how I got a table and seating for six along with all the decorations for under $300 so definitely give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you want that dining room video to pop up in your feed when I upload it thank you so much and until then ciao

Thanks for your comment Pearle Authement, have a nice day.
- Graig Muetzel, Staff Member

Comment by earlodukec

i am so excited to share with you guys my before and after of my basement it is complete or at least 99.9 complete and i cannot wait to show you everything i've got in this space there was one major piece that was missing for this basement makeover and i actually started looking for it probably two to three days after we got our keys so if you've been following for a while you know that was several months ago and i've been looking on facebook marketplace craigslist everywhere that i could think of because i was determined to buy it second hand and after months and months of searching all of a sudden one time i typed it in boom there it was as soon as i saw that ad i jumped on it i was messaging with the owner and we set up a time to come and pick up the couches and we rented a u-haul we drove an hour away and i could not be more thrilled with how they turned out in this space i think this is gonna be perfect i know what's gonna happen you're gonna be over there we're never going to see each other again yelling at you you're like hey pass the popcorn what it was so important to me to buy second hand for everything that i possibly could i don't know if any of you guys actually have owned or grew up on a couch during the mid-century era but they are not that comfortable and that has been my biggest problem finding a 1960s 1970s couch that would work well with my style so i was really trying to keep myself open to a newer made couch that had a very minimalist and modern style a little different than all the rest are quite a fashion where i had sometimes play chess and when i'm out i'm looking for that vintage flame all complexions that i adore so hard to finally seem impossible to score so i dream of i kept on looking but everyone's such a bored here is the couch so first of all i know that this couch is abnormally large but i have an abnormally large family i'm one of six kids everyone's married or has a partner and most of them have several children so when we do movie nights with my nieces my nephews even just my sisters and sister-in-laws this is going to get filled up really really quickly so it was really important to me with this home to create a space that my entire family could come and spend time and be really really comfortable and casual and feel just like a safe space that we can all just relax and kick up our feet and the couches aren't so fancy that i'm super scared about them getting damaged i think it's a really really good quality fabric the family that we purchased these couches from had quite a few children and these couches are five years old and they have held up so well this was such an incredible deal and to be able to find it second hand i'm just thrilled the original owners had this custom made to be extra deep and you just can't find something like this for that price they probably originally paid probably eight to fifteen thousand dollars to have these custom made so we got such an incredible deal and it was worth the wait not only is this couch beautiful and the perfect size the perfect color i was looking for but it's also really really comfortable since we are in the middle of remodeling and it feels like everything is just chaos upstairs it was really important for us to take this basement and get it to a livable space where we could feel like this was now our home and i think that we are so grateful we decided not to paint the wood paneling if we had painted that i feel like it really would have taken away from the 1960s 1970s charm that this place already has and to make it feel even more that era we tried bringing in as many pieces from that era that we have thrifted over the years and i don't think that there's anything more exciting than our attention poll george nelson bookshelves i cannot believe that we found a pair of them at an estate sale [Applause] i have really eclectic style i like things from different decades i like things from all different countries and it's really fun to have this space where all those pieces come together and i kind of feel like this is why i bought this and this is why i bought that because i knew that once i had the right space for everything it was all just going to come together beautifully both of these vases were from the estate sale where i got the bookshelves as well and i love the fun shapes another thing i really like to do is to mix the high gloss with a rustic and matte finish i feel like it really adds interest when you're looking at a bunch of pottery together having different shapes and textures really makes things pop got lots of my bowls over here you can tell i have a mid-century bowl obsession this one i found at goodwill i think it was 12.99 that one was just not even a year ago i got this beautiful japanese designer ichibana vase from the estate sale that i got these bookshelves from and i just love this piece so much it's so special i love that it has a little tail i got this beautiful vase in tacoma on antique row which i might have just gone to again so you'll have a fun thrifting video that soon this is also from the estate sale where i got the bookshelves this was oh my gosh well there you go i don't have to guess this was 299 from salvation army on july 18th fantastic i don't even take tags off this is a dumb fake plant that i got at goodwill but i'm just trying to hide the heater vent right there it's so ugly we found a wood colored cover that should work behind there and then maybe i won't feel like i have to hide it that was a salvation army find i got this at relics marketplace in vancouver washington i love this piece i use it on my halloween episode too see you can use it all times of year and then this was a ten dollar vintage shop find this was also from a vintage shop in vancouver and i love this piece it's actually from the what was it metropolitan museum of art it's a copy of an original piece so i actually just got the couches two days ago so this space really came together over the last few days and you can tell i'm probably still really giddy about it but it's just so hard when you're living in a construction zone and it's such a relief to finally have a space that i can relax in and kick up my feet and speaking of kicking up my feet let me tell you about today's sponsor you've gotten to know me pretty well over the last few years here on youtube so i don't think that this is going to be a surprise to any of you that my favorite type of movies and tv shows to watch are period piece romances i am a total hopeless romantic i love to see how people lived and how they dressed and decorated their home back in the day and that is why i love acorn tv now that i have my basement put together i have a super cozy couch i'm really looking forward this fall to kicking back after we're done remodeling relaxing on the couch snuggling with my boys and putting on a good show acorn tv is loaded with thousands of hours of binge-worthy content and there's always something new to watch which is so important because sometimes it feels like you've seen every show and you're looking for something new and exciting acorn tv has weekly releases and hundr

Thanks earlodukec your participation is very much appreciated
- Graig Muetzel

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