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Last updated : Sept 30, 2022
Written by : Doris Andrson
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Design house inc houston tx

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Design house inc houston tx

Comment by Denis Ronne

shalom family god bless you all thank y'all for tuning in for today's property tour and today we are at newmark homes here at this gorgeous model home that they just completed here in bridgeland in cyprus texas and we're going to be checking out the versailles floor plan now this is gonna be a four bedroom four and a half bathroom four thousand three hundred and seventy nine square feet two story three car garage so hopefully you guys enjoy this beautiful model home as always my friends be sure to hit that thumbs up it really helps a lot with the channel all right that would be very very appreciated y'all and as always my friends definitely stay tuned for the good news towards the end of the video you don't want to miss the good news and this is going to be the community in prairieland village so super excited to show you guys this beautiful model so as soon as we enter on my right hand side you have this beautiful study with these really nice elegant light fixtures and you got these two huge windows just bring a lot of that natural lighting all right and then as soon as we come on inside we have this beautiful hallway leading up to the living room and on my left hand side we'll have the abuela room which is a must-have come on now you can't miss the abuela room y'all you gotta have a room downstairs dedicated for the grandma grandpa the in-laws when they come into town all right got a nice single vanity here beautiful massive stand-up shower all right and we do have some guests in the actual house so i am going to try my best to avoid them and getting them on camera so just a heads up all right now boy that's got our own little closet here hey hey hey very spacious and nice and you got a lot of that natural lighting coming in from those windows overlooking the front yard there and then on this kind of side here we have kind of like a little seating area hangout spot for you and the family and we have a nice wood burning fireplace there you know hang around here during those summer nights roast up some marshmallows you know or most importantly when you have those cardinal salas and the primos and burimas are in town and you know they can be hanging out here causing all that ruckus and well you're cooking up a storm in the backyard all right then over here you're gonna have a kind of like little extra closet space here for your coats and you know some extra storage and then right as soon as you come on in here beautiful spiraling staircase leading up to the second deck there very very nice and when you come on inside you have this be just beautiful jaw-dropping open floor plan and you got the formal dining room dining room here on my right hand side with the uh very nice modern light pictures and you got the kind of lighting down there up on the ceiling there which if you guys want to let me know what you would call that but i've been seeing a lot with uh with a lot of builders been adding that kind of undermount lighting and uh just really adds to the to the home and then look at this stop playing look at this wow beautiful high voltage ceilings just massive windows bring a lot of that natural lighting and then you have this really nice wood burning fireplace with the marble mantel and then you have this textured wall that leads all the way up to the ceiling there look at that beautiful open floor plan wow they did such an amazing job here comment down below who would be the first person you'd invite over i don't know about y'all but i would man i'd be i would tell my family hey guys i'm hosting thanksgiving every year i'm hosting i'm a host every holiday because this i mean it is just this floor plan is absolutely just immaculate i feel like they really did well with the way they laid it out very nice beautiful kitchen with the uh i believe these are quartz countertops and you got these really nice elegant light fixtures lots of cabinet space as well kind of like a little dark gray color tone and then you got the uh gas burner grill and you got your nice little pot filler which uh i had a client come into town and i was she her husband was there and uh i was like why why do you guys need a pothole y'all could just fill it up in the sink you know that's what a sink's for and she was like ah you man you don't understand we don't want to go to the sink to fill up this pot and i was like oh okay my bad yeah so i guess i don't know i guess pop fillers are highly desired but you got this really nice farmhouse sink and overlook in the backyard there and you got this beautiful nice walk-in closet as well i'm sorry walk-in closet walk-in pantry all right and i'm surprised that this builder hasn't i'm i'm curious to see if if they're going to come out to dallas anytime soon because this is just i mean breathtaking the way they laid out this floor plan and i they did an amazing job you got kind of like a little coffee station here set up your little cup of joe got the mud room here and you're gonna have that nice three-car garage right down this hallway but just a quick uh market update y'all so right now we're seeing a lot of builders that are starting to cater more to buyers because it is now shifting over to from just seeing the market into a buyer's market slowly but surely um so we're seeing a lot more incentives rising up in the market with builders oh whoops we got a half bathroom here you know i like the fact that they use this storage unit typically most builders will leave it empty but they actually added a half bathroom here which is pretty cool and then this is going to be the master suite but yeah right now what a lot of builders are starting to do is offer really great incentives and uh obviously due to the rising interest rates and actually some builders are starting to you know offer such good incentives that can help you um buy down your rate which i thought was really cool so just a heads up with what's going on in the market right now you got the his and hers vanity you got a nice beautiful freestanding tub here and you got this very beautiful walk-in shower look at this absolutely gorgeous and you got a nice little towel closet here and also big pro tip y'all when y'all go shopping for homes you want to make sure you're mapping out you know which builders you know i would say call beforehand you know call the builders beforehand to see what their availability is you know what lots do they have available what spec inventory homes because those are some things that i've been noticing that um oh wow look at this beautiful master closet typically people will call in and usually you know when when they want to work with us they'll call in and you know be like man i tried looking for homes and i couldn't find any availability and this and that and then i was like well did you did you call beforehand and did you you know reach out to the to the builders and kind of set up a game plan well no i just i just went out there and started driving around i'm like no don't don't do that y'all y'all got to be you know set up a game plan if you and your family are going out looking for a home you want to make sure you set up the game plan y

Thanks for your comment Denis Ronne, have a nice day.
- Doris Andrson, Staff Member

Comment by Timmy

this property has four bedrooms five bathrooms four thousand three hundred and forty four square feet of living space is on a six thousand two hundred fifty square foot lot and was listed for one million six hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred this exceptional new construction was designed and developed by mazzarino construction and development this property is located in the highly coveted winlow place of houston a fun fact about houston is the 1980s film urban cowboy starring john travolta has several scenes filmed in houston and the surrounding areas hello everyone i'm sierra schatz with re max envision in sherman oaks california and welcome to our channel lester's locations we are very excited to show you our houston texas house but first and foremost we will thank the listing agent blake vincent at dukes realty for allowing us to tour it's beautiful no listing so let's go check it out first and foremost i love to point out the style of this house this is a transitional style it is unique to what we usually see in southern california you have some beautiful light brick some outdoor contemporary sconces and this is a four panel frosted glass mahogany front door with a large archway and recessed lighting you have some newly planted shrubbery in front of your large windows and this is a two-car garage and a very long driveway it looks like you can fit four additional cars on your driveway so let's go inside so here we are in our foyer area and the first thing i notice is it looks like over a 12 foot ceiling you have recessed lighting and you have some wood paneling here you have some shaker style wayne scotting paneling to my right you have the office and to the left you have your first bathroom oak floors throughout the house and i also want to point out that throughout this house you do have aluminum dark bronze color insulated dual pane windows so it helps with the heat here in houston and in your first bathroom you have storm gray offset towel design in the shower you have a tile marble mosaic matching inside the shower and outside the shower and you have a carrera marble countertop with a corner traditional vanity and what i liked about this shower is you can step down into it and i thought that was kind of unique pretty cool i liked it and one little staging design i want to point out is this reminds me of our good old southern california these are sand dollars and when they're alive they're purple where we are in the southern california pacific ocean you're going to walk into the office under your wide and tall archway and what i love about this office is the contrasting color palette i love the dark gray wall that matches the ceiling and the ceiling you have some beautiful crown molding with recessed lighting you have this wide drum chandelier above your desk the same solid oak wood floors and wood paneling design you also have the storage room and my stuff's in there so don't go in there and then you have the dual pane double front windows that let in plentiful amounts of sunlight and if you look through you can see a view of the neighborhood and your front yard so we will head down the hallway past your stairs and i like this little area because you know if you want a space for your kids to do homework or just put a little storage you can do that here across from it you also have some more storage space and i love the color the light color this light gray door the doors throughout the property i like in this dining area how they implemented a symmetrical window design and you have a view of your driveway as you can see sophie and i rented a black on black mustang for our trip never driven a mustang before so it's pretty cool and you have this light gray or middle gray wood paneling design floor to ceiling and as you can see they put a piece of artwork here you can even fit a larger piece of artwork or a mirror to make the area look bigger than it already is you have a contemporary candle light bulb chandelier over your circular table and you have a lot of space here so you can keep the circular table or you even have enough space for a rectangular larger table so we will head over to the bar area in this bar you have quartz countertops and above your bar you have a strip light bulb glass contemporary pendant light you also have gray backsplash that is tile ceramic glass shells you can put your glasses here uh your drinks here your alcohol here and i actually picture putting maybe some hanging plants here i think that'd be very beautiful you have soft clothes cabinets and drawers dark gray and i like this bar because right when your guests walk in the front door they could just walk on by and grab their drink or take a shot so i like that we will head behind the bar this little spot right here with a silhouette stainless steel double zoned wine fridge pretty big love that more space exit entry to your driveway and you have a large pantry built-in shelves recessed lighting across from it you have some more storage which we which will bring us to the kitchen you have some cabinets here some glass drawers soft clothes contrasting colors i love that you have an offset marbles backsplash towel design quartz countertops a griddle with a six burner stainless steel stove and double oven you also have an island right here quartz as well three pendant lights stainless steel sink next to your fully integrated fish and pagle double dishwasher stainless steel fridge and a microwave drawer oven oh there we go quartz countertops more glass cabinets and what i liked about this island is they utilize the space it looks like you can fit five stools here they put four but if you come take a look right here they put some additional cabinetry glasses uh you can put their other kitchen supplies we will walk past the family room we will get to underneath your wood panel archway and here is that garage shot some of you guys like two-car garage more space around the corner epoxy floor finish and this is your mudroom area so you have double opening wood doors into your closet same oak wood flooring pretty much throughout the entire house and you have some wood bench seating here soft closed drawers cabinets and here is your backyard and we are standing on glazed rectified porcelain tile large offset towel design on your veranda you have some wood paneling on the ceiling recessed lighting a ceiling fan and you have a gas electrical hookup here so you could possibly hook up a tv you can sit here watch the games they did leave the backyard unfinished for the new owners and if this reminded oh this or my backyard i'd probably add some flowers i'd put a fire pit here i'm sure if it were sophie's he'd put a ping pong table we are going to walk over to our sliding glass doors and head into the family area and in this family area i want to point out how high the ceilings are again it looks like an over 12 foot ceiling you have your recessed lighting i also like how they set this up put a rug here some seating here seating here so you can sit enjoy your guests or you can mount your tv right there they decided to utilize artwork but you can put a mount

Thanks Timmy your participation is very much appreciated
- Doris Andrson

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