Design house digital scrapbooking [Detailed Response]

Last updated : Sept 12, 2022
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Design house digital scrapbooking

Is Digital Scrapbooking a thing?

Wikipedia describes digital scrapbooking as “the creation of a new 2D artwork by re-combining various graphic elements. It is a form of scrapbooking that is done using a personal computer, digital or scanned photos and computer graphics software. It is a relatively new form of the traditional print scrapbooking.”

How do I start digital scrapbooking?

  1. Step 1: Find Some Inspiration and Decide What You Like.
  2. Step 2: Learn Your Software Program.
  3. Step 3: Choose a Digital Scrapbooking Kit.
  4. Step 4: Start With a Free Digital Scrapbooking Template.
  5. Step 5: Save Your Work.

What is digital scrapbook paper?

What is digital paper or digital scrapbooking paper? Digital paper is an electronic artwork file, often in jpeg or png format, featuring a pattern like those found on traditional printed scrapbook paper. The "paper" is typically offered as 12" x 12" or 8.5" x 11" images.

What app can I use to make a scrapbook?

  1. Project Life.
  2. Scrapbook.
  3. Photo Scrapbook.
  4. Pic Collage – Your Story & Photo Grid Editor.
  5. Photo Collage: Scrapbook.

How do you make a scrapbook in Canva?

  1. Open Canva. Open up Canva and search for "Scrapbook" to open a new design and kickstart your project.
  2. Find the right template.
  3. Explore features.
  4. Personalize your design.
  5. Download and print.

What are the things you can put in digital scrapbook?

Things like papers, tags, ribbons, frames, stickers and more. The big difference is that a digi scrapping kit is made up entirely of digital files, it is purchased via the internet (usually) and downloaded directly to your computer, ready to use.

What's a primary advantage of doing your scrapbooking digitally?

If you already own a computer and the necessary printing capabilities, digital scrapbooking is generally less costly than paper scrapbooking. And you can print out numerous copies of the same scrapbook layout and the cost is only the cost of reprinting.

Can you use Project Life app on computer?

The digital version of Project Life is available for anyone who prefers to work on a computer as they create pages with photos / stories / memories. The templates and designer cards are the same ones you'll find in the app and in physical format. The main difference is working on a computer vs. using a mobile app.

Can you print digital scrapbook pages?

Shutterfly offers a high quality, easy and affordable way to print out your digital layouts in various formats, such as digital scrapbooks, cards, scrapbook pages and calendars. You can also use Shutterfly photo prints to insert into your traditional paper scrapbook albums.

How do you make a scrapbook?

  1. Step 1: Choose a Theme. The theme is one of the most critical aspects of your scrapbook.
  2. Step 2: Identify the Stories to Tell.
  3. Step 3: Sort Your Photos and Memorabilia.
  4. Step 5: Create Scrapbook Pages.
  5. Step 6: Assemble Scrapbook Pages.

How do you make a scrapbook collage?

  1. Step 1: Use a piece of scrapbook paper for the background. Grab a piece that compliments your color scheme or them.
  2. Step 2: Trim the paper to 8 X 10. Since scrap book paper is usually 12X12, you'll need to trim it down.
  3. Step 3: Print Your Pictures.
  4. Step 4: Design your layout.
  5. Step 5: Frame, hang, and Enjoy!

How do I make textured paper in Photoshop?

To do this, go to Filter > Texture > Texturizer and choose the different settings for the look desired. Choose "Canvas" for the texture and set scaling to 200%, the relief to 3, and the light to “Bottom Right.” Click "OK."

Which paper is best for digital printing?

  1. Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum PT-101.
  2. Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster LU-101.
  3. Canon Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte PM-101.
  4. Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy.
  5. Epson Premium Photo Paper Semi-Gloss.
  6. Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte.
  7. Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta.

What is the point of digital paper?

Digital paper, also known as interactive paper, is patterned paper used in conjunction with a digital pen to create handwritten digital documents. The printed dot pattern uniquely identifies the position coordinates on the paper. The digital pen uses this pattern to store the handwriting and upload it to a computer.

What is a digital scrapbook kit?

Digital scrapbooking is the term for the creation of a new 2D artwork by re-combining various graphic elements. It is a form of scrapbooking that is done using a personal computer, digital or scanned photos and computer graphics software. It is a relatively new form of the traditional print scrapbooking.

Can you print on scrapbook paper?

Technically, yes. You can print on most patterned papers. However, it's important to keep in mind that the sizes of patterned paper are not typically printer-friendly, so you'll need to either cut-down the paper or adjust your printer settings.

Is Canva program free?

Canva is always free for every individual and team. However, if you want to unlock premium features, individuals can upgrade to Canva Pro to easily create professional designs and content.

How do you scrapbook a budget?

  1. Base Your Design Around Souvenirs. Once you start looking for scrapbook fodder, you'll see souvenirs everywhere.
  2. Let the Photos Do the Talking.
  3. Snag Free Printables.
  4. Grab a Paper Clip.
  5. Hoard Paint Chips.
  6. Cookie Cutters are Your Friends.
  7. Pull Out Some Old Books.

Is Project Life discontinued?

DIGITAL PROJECT LIFE. We are no longer doing the remote photo organizing service, as it wasn't scalable enough to make sense (but we're glad we tried it and I know Laurie helped some very happy customers!).

What is Pocket scrapbooking?

Pocket Scrapbooking is the generic term for "Project Life" -- a commercialized term coined by Becky Higgins. In essentials, it's a form of scrapbooking in which you use page protectors with pockets to wrangle your memories.

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Design house digital scrapbooking

Comment by Cayla Monz

hi I'm Mary Shaw I design house digital and I'm going to show you how to create an your own scrapbooking page using Photoshop Elements 11 so first I'm going to go to my Start menu and find Photoshop Elements 11 and it comes up in this box here there are two options I have an organizer and editor today I'm going to show you how to use the photo editor to make a scrapbooking page so we'll click on photo editor here okay so this is my editor if you were if yours doesn't look like this it's probably because it's in a different mode they have these different modes here there's guided mode and quick mode an expert mode so I'm in expert mode because that gives you access to the things that you need for a digital scrapbooking I've saved the files that I want to use today on my desktop so first I'm going to open them I'm just going to go to open and I'm going to go to my desktop and I have my files so I'm just gonna hold down the shift key and choose all the files I want these are the ones that I'm gonna use to make the pitch I might not use every one I'm just gonna open him hit open and and they're all open and they're down here in the project and the photo bin you can see they're all right there and they're all in the center window and then I have the layers panel open on the right you can go to it if you don't see it go to window and then choose layers I'm so I just unchecked it no I'm gonna took it it's there see so now I have these pictures and I want to combine them and make a scrapbook page so I'm gonna go to file new file blank file and you can see under preset there's a scrapbooking option so I just check that if you don't have that you can use these numbers here the size is 12 inches by 12 inches but then height and then the resolution is 300 pixels per inch and the color mode is RGB and the background is white so I'm just gonna say scrap a page or my name and hit okay so this is my page it's plain white it's empty there's a this is my layers panel so this is the they're just background there's nothing on it so now I want to get these items from my photo bit on it and and you can think of it as making a sandwich where you have each layer and you put the bottom there on and then the next one above that and the next one above that right so we're gonna do the same thing um so I'm gonna choose I know what these files are but I can go through there are a couple different things the live laugh and lover stickers there's the photo of brin and some plain cream paper some flower stickers and some patterned paper the patterned paper and the the girls come from the imagination live laugh love set and we've got a photo of Ethan and the blank scrapbook page so I'm gonna start at the bottom like I would by we're gonna make a sandwich I'd put the bottom piece of bread on first so I'm gonna start I'm going to start with the stripes I'm just gonna drag it up and let go and you can see it's here they have these little squares around it and that's just for resizing it's fine the way it is like that and then I can make the next layer I'm gonna put some cream paper on next I'm just dragging it up and let go okay now I want the stripes to show behind a little bit of them to show behind so I'm just gonna resize um you can just go to any of these corners and you'll get the double arrow and you just resize it and you can drag it up and kind of space it I'm gonna make it center it and more closer to the top than the bottom hit check and that'll set in the resizing okay next layer I'm gonna put this lipstick wrap drag it and drop it it says do I want to convert the document to color brown yes I'm just gonna move that and I'm gonna put another paper down okay I'm gonna use this flowered paper drag it and drop it up and I'm gonna resize it down ways this is one of the really cool things about digital scrapbooking is the resizing that you can do you can take the same paper you can use it over and over again you can resize it big resizes small crop it shape it whatever you want so flexible I'm gonna hit the check to commit the resize now I'm gonna get Bryn's picture and put that up next my next layer in the sandwich and I'm just gonna resize let me make her fit inside this other piece of paper it's gonna make her pee about the same width and this is where you just get to do what you want to do the best part about doing scrapbooking like this is you get to do what you want the way you want it and if you don't like it it's not like you cut it you can't ever get back to it so you can always go back to the original file so you can you can make mistakes you can use the undo button if you don't like something you've done okay I'm gonna hit check to commit the resize and so that's Brinn she's on there I'm going to add those other laughing okay I'm just gonna place it oh you know what I forgot to place the line that's really pretty where that is though I was gonna move it somewhere else but I really like that I'm just gonna Center it I like it when it kind of covers her picture that's cool okay just like that and now you can see I actually clicked on the layers over here on the right you can get to every stack of your sandwich just by clicking on it okay so the love here I'm gonna drag it down tiny bit more okay now there are some flowers I wanted to take the flowers drop it up okay and just gonna stick the stickers just down here hmm what do you think really doesn't you know I could be whatever I want I'm gonna make it a little smaller I'm just clicking on the different layers to get the different marks cuz I want to be able to see the sticker about having the corners in the way oh good okay so I'm just going to I'm just gonna put this sticker just like that okay and that's cute okay so let's take a look at it where we can kind of view zoom it and you zoom in and see what this looks like we kind of have graphics a little pictures a little bit smaller we have the little brown edge on the edge that's fine I like that way and you can kind of reposition things if you want to put them somewhere else and like that okay so now it's time to save it so I'm just gonna try out see now when you say digital scrapbook files you would need to save it as a Photoshop native if you think that you're ever gonna want to come back in and edit something I would always keep the Photoshop and you need a file around you can just hit save okay okay that's fine and the desktop is here so I'm just gonna save your scrapbook page save now if you want to save it and upload it to the internet you can't use a PSD file you need a web version of it so what I'm gonna do right now I'm just gonna go to file save for web so whenever I save something I save it to see that the original version with all the layers and then I saved the final version flattened for the web so say for where it says slow performance are you sure you want to continue I say yes it really doesn't make it all that so for me okay so this is a safer web dialog box and I'm not gonna save it as a GIF I'm gonna save it as a JPEG you always want to save scrapbook pages as JPEGs 90% of the time and it says new size um and for me I it never re

Thanks for your comment Cayla Monz, have a nice day.
- Yong Ordal, Staff Member

Comment by ingahloli6

hello everyone this is Amanda from design house digital and I am going to show you how to create this scrapbook layout that'll be really simple really fun really easy and I promise you you're gonna get the hang of it now the other thing is need to know I'm gonna be using Sarah Sullivan's free capricious kit which you can buy online at our store for free so you can go ahead and actually download it and completely follow along with what I'm doing another thing I am using Photoshop cs6 so if you're using a different program it might not be the exact same buttons in the exact same format but it'll be the same general idea and also I'm on a Mac and not a PC so if you're a PC user watching this some of the buttons might be a little bit different but again the format and everything is exactly the same so don't worry about it so we're gonna go ahead and get started let's exit out of this one here my little example so when you open up Photoshop this is what your Photoshop should look like blank boring black nothing fun but we're gonna make it fun so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna go ahead and file and new we are gonna create an entirely new scrapbook page and this little button is gonna pop up here so let's go ahead and name this first scrapbook layout and here's a couple of things you need to worry about here with height and background contents now the width I believe that the what it normally just comes in as pixels but what we're going to do is change it to inches and we're going to make a 12 by 12 layout now if you don't like making twelve by twelve and you just like making eight and a half by eleven that's completely fine um I just like making twelve by twelve but you can make it whatever size you want if you're making an 8 by 8 layout an 8 by 8 scrapbook make an 8 by out page it's fine and then again the background contents I usually just keep my no white you can have a background color or it can be transparent but it's good covered up by a piece of paper anyway so it's okay so we're just click white click OK BAM we have a canvas ready to go so now we're going to start opening up some of our layouts I mean our of our elements so here we're gonna file open my capricious freak it is here on my desktop and you can see all of the elements we have here we have a border paper flare button preview journaling tag paper glitter tape paper a frame paper and paper so we're gonna go ahead and make a three-tiered layout here we have three separate piece of papers for a background I'm gonna start with brown here and notice when I opened the brown it came up in a completely different tab than our canvas now don't worry our canvas is still there first scrapbook layout is still there but on cs6 it opens up an entirely different tab so so when you open up a different piece of paper say for example we're gonna open up this green one here open again opens up an entirely different tab so you have your blank canvas Sera's brown paper and Sara's turquoise paper so now how do we get the paper onto our canvas super simple we're gonna take this brown paper and we're gonna go to select all and what we just did was selected the entire sheet of paper here and then we're gonna go over to our canvas oops sorry so what we did is we opened up or we selected our entire paper so then what we do is select all which we already did edit copy we're copying the entire piece of paper back to our canvas edit paste and there you go you have your brown piece of paper onto your canvas here this is this is the first layer of the background and now we have our brown background so we go back to here we don't need this anymore we connects out of it and let's go back to our turquoise paper and again we're do the exact same thing select all edit copy X out of that at paste and now you can see our turquoise is a little bit bigger than our brown our brown is still there don't worry what happened is our turquoise is actually on top of our brown if we switch it the brown is now on top of the turquoise but we don't want that we want the turquoise on top of the brown so how do we make it a little smaller transform it so you got to edit free transform and then you just make it fuller so I make it about you here about here oops that's a little much I like it there press ENTER done beautiful well I guess that we're making a three-tiered layer so we're gonna open up one more piece of paper would open up these pink stripes here so again the pink stripes open up an entirely different for a done entirely different tab so we go to select all edit copy back to our layout edit paste now do not worry your layers did not go anywhere they're still right there it's just a little too big so we're gonna go ahead and free transform it again and make it a little smaller see I told you they're still there not to worry I like it about there press Enter so the clipart about Photoshop is you can you can see exactly what you're doing over here on this layers tab you can see our first layer is that brown one and then we have the turquoise and then we have the pink so if we wanted to switch it put the pink behind the turquoise just drag it down it didn't disappear it's still there you can see if you move this turquoise the pink is still there it did not go anywhere it's just behind the turquoise we don't want it behind the turquoise so let's drag the pink back up and there you go so now what I want to do is add a little bit of dimension to my turquoise and my pink so I'm gonna double click on this layer here and you have a little nifty um tool called drop shadow drop shadow is my best friend because I love making things look 3d I love making it look like I pop dots behind everything so watch what happens to the turquoise when we click drop shadow right here you see it popped up a little bit it's gone now it's back it gives a little bit of a three-dimensional look I want do the exact same thing the pink as well drop shadow so as you can see it almost looks like we put some pop dots behind our paper and made it look a little bit three-dimensional so now that we have our background completely finished let's start adding some pictures and elements so I'm gonna go ahead and open up my picture so this is a picture of me and my two best friends from high school and again select all edit copy except that we don't need it edit paste we actually you know what we don't need this either let's exit out of that now you can see the picture is definitely small so you want a free transform it again and what you want to do when you're free transforming a picture especially click the shift button because what it does is it keeps the orientation of the photo click enter once you get the layer if you get it click shift you would be able to just completely mutate it like this I mean it would look stretched it wouldn't look it would look a little pixelated so you want to keep it when the same orientation that it started with so let's actually go ahead and edit and undo that perfect so I want to move it let's just put it up here for now we'll keep it there now let's start adding a couple elements let's add this border here on the f

Thanks ingahloli6 your participation is very much appreciated
- Yong Ordal

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