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Altium how to select entire track

How do you select all components in Altium?

The Selection Filter is located at the top of the Properties panel. To open the panel, press F11, or use the button on the bottom right.

How do you select multiple lines in Altium?

Solution Details. Without any adjustments, you can hold down the Shift key while you click on designators to select more than one. The Selection Filter can also be accessed through the Properties panel .

How do I cut a track in Altium?

In the PCB Editor, use the Edit » Slice Tracks command, from the main menus. You will enter track slicing mode. Click to define the desired starting location for the slice, then press Tab to access the Slicer Properties dialog.

How do I select a single layer in Altium?

The Select Layer dialog is accessed from the ODB++Setup dialog in the following ways: Right-click on a layer group entry in the Layers to Plot section then select Edit Group. Click from the layer group entry. Select a layer group entry then select Edit Group from the Plot Layers drop-down menu.

How do I select a net in Altium?

Right click somewhere in the “Net/Bus” list, and you will see a dropdown menu with a “Select Objects” option. Once you enable this, you can click through the list of nets, and all connections involving this net will be automatically selected.

How do I highlight a component in Altium?

  1. Ensure the target PCB document is open.
  2. Select the required part(s) on the source schematic document(s).
  3. Choose the Tools » Select PCB Components command.

How do I select a component in Altium PCB?

To select design objects with Altium Designer, you can either click the left mouse button while hovering over the object or holding the left mouse button down and drag a selection rectangle over the object.

How do I get out of cross probe in Altium?

You can continue to cross-probe additional objects or right-click or press Esc to exit.

How do you find similar items in Altium?

  1. By using the Edit » Find Similar Objects menu command.
  2. By using the Shift+F shortcut.
  3. When right-clicking over an object.

How do I change the width of a track in Altium?

To change the track width source while routing, press the 3 key on the keyboard. Press Shift+W to select a different value for the User Width. When you change the track width mode, you move between the values defined in the applicable design rule (min/preferred/max), and User Choice.

How do you slice a polygon in Altium?

  1. Click Place » Slice Polygon Pour.
  2. The cursor will change to a crosshair, starting outside the boundary of the polygon.
  3. Move the cursor across the polygon.
  4. Continue to click and move the mouse to define the slice path.

What does shift s do in Altium?

Single-layer Mode (Shift + S) I like to use this to focus on layout in a single layer and ignore anything that's going on in all other layers. An example is shown below; you can cycle through these three different views with the Shift + S shortcut key.

How do you select all pads in Altium?

All – use this command to select all design objects in the current document, including the board shape. (Shortcut: Ctrl+A).

How do I select all text in Altium?

If you want to directly select multiple text objects then hold down the SHIFT key and click to add the text (or any other object) to the current selection.

How do you highlight a net in schematic Altium?

Simply hover the mouse over a net to examine its logical and physical net name. Keyboard shortcuts are also available now to highlight the net throughout the project (ALT+Click), or displaying a tree of all sheets the net is on (ALT+double click).

What is net in PCB?

The “nets” defined by your netlist files are simply collections of pads on the PCB that should be electrically connected to one another. For example: most every design will have a GND net to define all of the pads that should be connected to ground.

How do you highlight a net Cadence schematic?

Dynamic Net Highlighting--Virtuoso Schematic Editor (VSE) L To turn this on, go to Options->Display... and turn on Dynamic Net Highlighting. Now you'll see when you hover your mouse over a wire, a colored halo will appear on all the segments of that net--all over the entire schematic.

How do I change the color of my track in Altium?

To change the color of one or multiple nets, select the required nets in the panel, then right-click on a selected net and choose the Change Net Color command, as shown below, or. For an individual net, double-click the net name in the PCB panel to open the Edit Net dialog, where you can edit the connection line color.

How do you highlight net in Allegro?

highlight net allegro to Highlight click the highlight button, choose component in display & slect compnent. Alt choose component by list, expand it & typr refrence designator. Refering to your other post. To highlight nets .

How do I arrange components in PCB?

  1. Group Components By Function.
  2. Keep Components Away From Heat Dissipating Area.
  3. Place Board-To-Wire Connectors Near The Edge.
  4. Get The Components Orientation Standardized.
  5. Make Space For Copper Traces.

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Altium how to select entire track

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hi guys my name is Robert Titanic I'm from federal Academy and in this very short video I'm going to show you a simple but very useful trick we discovered it by accident maybe you don't know about this so the trick is that if you select a segment and then when you press stop it will select all the segments on the active layer and when you press tab again it will select all the segments of the track this only works I think from Altium 14 and up it doesn't work for the old auto why it is so useful because you can simply delete track on one layer or if I split it you can simply delete whole part of the track behind the point like this tap tap now I can do it all these you can see this is still here and rest on all the track is nearly did fine also it is useful if you would like to measure length of the track on one layer only so I select it but I stop I go to report measures selecting objects and this is only the distance on this layer very useful I hope you liked this tip thank you very much for watching and see you in the next video

Thanks lweJPEG4 your participation is very much appreciated
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