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Last updated : Sept 29, 2022
Written by : Anibal Magbitang
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3d print game controller mount

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3d print game controller mount

Comment by Wyatt Girdley

are you a fan of halo's master chief well join me today as we print a xbox controller stand of his likeness see you guys inside hello and welcome today's video today as i said we are printing a master chief xbox controller sand so this is a paid for model so it was made by ink3d so all credit to him for making the model but today i'm going to take you through downloading it getting into cura and getting that first print together so that you can assemble this awesome figurine so you don't see it a lot of times on the channel for me but yes i have been painting on this one it is not a finished product but it's along the way so basically we're gonna get this guy going and get him printed but before we hop over to the computer if you like what the content you're seeing today hit that subscribe button join the crew we've had over 1300 people join us and i'm hoping to expand that even more so if you guys like this channel let me know if you have any questions about 3d printing or anything along that line leave a comment down below and feel free to follow us over on instagram and facebook as well so let's hop over to the computer all right guys and as i said master chief holders you'll see i'm on a different site than what i normally visit to go get my models this is over on cult 3d this one's by 83d and it is just a awesome model i am a huge halo fan and when i saw this i knew i had to have it two dollars and 41 cents cheap it that's cheap for a model so this is where it came from all credit to the model made major maker of ink3d this thing is just awesome so this is over on colts 3d link will be down in the description as always and also distinguishing the artists of them of the model so let's hop over to kira so i had to do this in two prints the base was one which really neat you can do i did thirty percent infill i wanted a little bit of weight so we wouldn't have the ability to fall over so base pretty clean simple easy to do so we're going to clear the build plate then we had to do the rest of master chief which again the model maker did a fantastic job making this model doable on small printers so he got his arms with the alignment pins which if you want to see how to make alignment pins and separate a model like this head over to my video from mesh mixer where i do exactly this on another model and this is basically one big model and has done some plain cuts to separate it up we got of course master chief's head gotta have a head i mean what's the point if he doesn't have a head we got his legs and then we need his torso that's all there is to this model pretty simple model i printed it exactly like you're seeing it on the build plate i did have a fail where i lost the legs once and i had to print the legs again but all in all pretty easy you can do this all on an ender 3 or you can try to get it all on one build plate with the cr-10 but basically not much to it make sure you have enough supports here we'll scroll through my settings i did this all with inland pla plus white um you guys will see the painted figurine um at the end here after we get done printing it uh because i went ahead and painted mine and just kind of started working on it i'm not done painting it but it's it's there and it's doing its job so eighty percent uh support is a good place to start make sure you got your traction and everything enabled you don't want string if you can do without it and supports like i said you have support here on the torso supports for the arms the legs pretty much take care of themselves i think there was a center support that went in here and of course the head will have some support as well so let's take a look at those supports not a lot to build this model four dollars i mean you spent two dollars and four dollars in material i mean that's getting away pretty i think got a pretty good deal now you may want to bump your support up to 70 75 but like i said there's support here uh master chief's got to have a butt um we want the torso to build properly and we want the arms to be supported as they build upward especially these alignment pins as you can see have the supports the visor these came off really easy there was no damage to the visor from the support there and i think i did jump up to 75 to give a little bit more support in here as it builds up but honestly that's all there is in cure for this guide not a lot the model maker did an awesome job of making this model very buildable very printable and very clean and very detailed halo honestly it's the only reason why i owned an xbox until the master chief collection came out on pc then the xbox went uh halo has been one of my favorite games ever since it came out it's still one of the games i will go back and play over and over again or get online and play with my friends so defining this model having to sit here and hold my controller was just a great thing i hope you guys enjoy it let's get to that time lapse and we'll see you guys on the other sideall right guys that's it so i printed this using inland pla plus i printed it on an ender 3 and a cr10 i did the base on the cr-10 while i did most of the figurine you can print this completely on an ender three the ink3d did a great job of breaking up the model creating the alignment pins and getting it out there so that you can get this thing printed nice clean and easily so still a work in progress but i'm working on it every day making them look a little bit better so again if you like what you saw today hit that like button hit that subscribe button join the crew and we will see you guys in the next video

Thanks for your comment Wyatt Girdley, have a nice day.
- Anibal Magbitang, Staff Member

Comment by geoff1987O

ever find yourself playing games but your partner just wants to sleep 3d print your own controller display mount for a personal gaming session without the big screen using adafruit's 7-inch hd display our three-piece design is available on thingiverse you can get the tools for this project on adafruit's shop the 7-inch hd monitor features an adjustable stand that can be easily removed we'll reuse the adjustable parts for our 3d printed mount you can use tinkercad to modify the paths to design your own controller mount check out our guide on adafruit's learning system for a complete tutorial make sure your build plate is ready and leveled before printing our design takes about a half an hour to print drill the screws into the clips and then into the base of the mount we need to remove the top two screws on the back of our controller attach the controller to the mount place the bottom in first and snap the top for a tight fit use two screws to secure the clips to the bottom of the controller position the mount into place and tighten the adjustment screw this simple design is non-intrusive when gaming for audio output you can plug your headset into the controller what awesome mount will you make for your display let us know in the comments below and join our weekly show and tell thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more awesome projects from adafruit

Thanks geoff1987O your participation is very much appreciated
- Anibal Magbitang

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3d print game controller mount

3d print game controller mount