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Last updated : Sept 9, 2022
Written by : Crysta Cosimini
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3d model sdcard holder

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3d model sdcard holder

Comment by Lacy Balckwell

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Lacy Balckwell, have a nice day.
- Crysta Cosimini, Staff Member

Comment by hipotekihs

you know this problem you have too much sd cards and you don't know where to put them don't worry because today i want to show you my top 5 3d printed sd controllers that i use on a regular basis i put links to all the models that you see in the video down in the description the first model of the day is the 16 16 sd card micro sd card holder from newer acoustic engineering as the name applies it can hold up to 16 normal size sd cards and 60 micro sd cards this model is great for storing all your sd cards in one place for example at home because if you don't use your sd cards right now you can just put them inside the box and store them in a nice and safe place where you can find them the next model is very similar to the one you saw before it's also a threaded sd card box but it's much smaller this one was made by tom and it can hold up to six normal size sd cards and six micro sd cards this one is great if you just go on a weekend trip and don't want to carry all your 16 60 micro sd card holder from newer acoustic engineering the one you saw before next up is this very slim micro sd card case from amo razer zero siri sorry for budgeting your name but i don't know how to pronounce it it is only five millimeters thick and it fits into every transporting case you have i personally use it for my d3i drone carrying case it can hold up to two full-size sd cards and five micro sd cards which is enough for any drone flight even if you have lots of batteries all sd cards are nice and tight so you don't need to worry about losing them the cover is also very tight and can easily be removed the fourth model of the day is a minimal sd card wallet by fox amachi also solution for butchering your name this one can hold up to one full size sd card and four microsd cards i used the full size slot for an adapter for the micro sd cards because i use it with my gopro case as the name implies it's very small and fits even if you pocket without damaging your precious photos it is the smallest one here that i have for you today this one is also print in place once you snap it off your build plate the hinge is ready and you can go on it without worrying about extra screws and fasteners the last metal for today is an sd card holder by claza this one is adjustable for all your needs and you don't need any cat skills just print the parts you want and you're ready to go this one have different plates one play can hold up to two sd cards and the other player can hold up to eight micro sd cards but for this model you need an m3 screw and a nut if you use a longer screw you can use more plates if you like but in my case i only need two plates one sd card case and one micro sd card case and the one screw i had laying around was an m3 by 20. so the screw sticks out a lot and i would change it once i have a new and shorter one at hand all the models you saw were printed in pla but you can use a different material as you wish maybe if you live in a very hot climate and you take the smaller sd controller with you you might consider printing them in p80g or even abs because they have a higher softening point so let me know which model did you like the most and why i hope you enjoyed the video and see you next time

Thanks hipotekihs your participation is very much appreciated
- Crysta Cosimini

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3d model sdcard holder

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3d model sdcard holder

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3d model sdcard holder

3d model sdcard holder