3d model plug socket [New Data]

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Last updated : Sept 6, 2022
Written by : Betty Annal
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3d model plug socket

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3d model plug socket

Comment by Hassan Lachenauer

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Hassan Lachenauer, have a nice day.
- Betty Annal, Staff Member

Comment by Arborelliy

hello I got guys from all this power soccer that's for sure to do so I just start with a cylinder I want to make sure you get enough sides to probably be able to model in these details so I just control it to the high number like 64 it may seem high but we won't be working with all 64 sides just a few of them here I just create this in the front viewport here and just Center this right here now just go back to perspective viewport here edit poly select this polygon delete ctrl a and flip now I can select these inches and hold shift and scale this outwards to extrude here our X here and then create this kind of piece right here then you can select these polygons Simo you can loop a Google polygons by clicking and holding shift and clicking here and yeah I can pebble this out here now I can select these edges and set it flow table right here just to get this kind of result here and now I'll just click and collapse two edible poly and I'll select this angle and use rapid tools and rapid Quad Cab rapid was a free collection of useful 30s Matic scripts here you see the result I get is right here so I want to change this result what I would do is just delete this and gone and what I want to do is select the right vertices here so I'll select this vertex on the left and this is on the right make sure they're symmetrical and rapid quad cabin now we get this result right here and now just apply edit poly here and I will select these polygons control I and delete they lost leave these polygons right here so now just like these edges here and I can ex showed up horse I'll switch this to world and make this panel on the z-axis here at first I'll reset the xform I now make this potato on the z-axis here and do the same for these edges right here so you can control the Crouch right here by using either edge creasing or simply moving the vertices closer to here now gonna play the show modifier here make sure that shrink corn is active here then I can apply symmetry or the x axis as well as the z axis here I just apply turbosmooth here and I can also do is just remove all of these extra edges right here you and I could just like these two polygons and grow and once again that's hatches closed I pretty much just copy these two modifiers here slipped into the create object and apply a shell here as well paste those modifiers once again turbosmooth move these vertices up and these to the right you you're just used by angle aptitude throughout the read selection effect I can use slice thing right here wrote this nine degrees and just kind of all right here and slice good press f2 to bring back the read selection here pretty much just like these polygons right here after turning off by angle here and now I can level this back here just delete this right here now here I can just get rid of this and gone to the by welding right here I will also remove these edges so have a quad here and you know I can bring in these objects right here just to see what's happening here is that it's not going all the way to the edge here but it's gonna stop it right here I think there's a slight chamfering effect right here as well so once again by angle select f2 and I can just use slice plane for that again all right and now I can turn off by angle select these polygons bevel I'm go out right here activate snap and Aldi for enable access constraints and just kind of make sure that the y-axis active and just gonna snap stay right here yeah I can delete these vertices on the inside select these vertices and weld and I can just select these edges and chamfer right here and I'm just kind of world right here and also just could have been sort of loop right here for better so the vision topology and now just apply symmetry on the z-axis here at a poly inoculate this hole right here so I want you to select these polygons in set regular script and there we are you can just mark the hole here and now we can apply crease set here select the appropriate edges here make sure I got all the right edges like it here create set into a crease value so we'll try our poly and open subdiv that this was already here you can see we're getting this kind of strange result here so we can actually fix this by having another loop going through here so I just activates vertex snap and just kind of cut from here to here you can also have a loop going around here just for better cell division and also around here as well and now we have much better results because well this topology going around here I also create these pieces right here so I can just select some polygons here and attaches clone you they're also modeling this piece right here let's also create a whole sensor you thank you for watching and take care you

Thanks Arborelliy your participation is very much appreciated
- Betty Annal

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3d model plug socket

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3d model plug socket

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3d model plug socket

3d model plug socket