3d model piano hinge [Expert Approved]

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Last updated : Sept 4, 2022
Written by : Kathline Macek
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3d model piano hinge

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3d model piano hinge

Comment by Coretta Watchorn

this is a how-to video for installing a piano hinge and a bench cabinet I'm using a Borah edge guide for the circular saw and is for fifty dollars it's pretty decent it's not as good as something like a Festool but hey it's about a six of the price so you want to raise the table on the circular saw all the way up to the blade is not touching the wood and then you want the Lord into the wood and then when you get it deep enough then back it up to the mark one important point for this process is to have a good fine saw blade for your circular saw definitely not like the sorry one that originally came with this saw because as the blade is rotating direction it's moving up through the wood and so you have a potential for tear out without a good blade tear out on the visible side of the planet after you have the four sides of the opening cut out with the circular saw you I'm thinking install and cut out the remaining wood only on the side where the hinge is going to go next step is pretty straightforward you want to Center the hinge on the opening side-to-side and to the bead and then put a couple of screws on either side and because this one's a long couple in the middle up just to lock the hinge down I'm using a starett automatic center punch to kind of do a pilot hole to mark the center of the hinge you could use something like a big spit but I find this to be really fast and convenientthat handsaw has some yellow paint from a house I own 20 years ago and I guess I've just never taken the time get it off how you clean know how it got thereanalysis punching lots and lots of pilot holes and storing lots of lots of screws these are Phillips head screws which I really despise it was they would get rid of all Phillips head screws I swear it works but they don't one of the things you can do with the sitter punched if you have a hole that's slightly off you can use the center punch to kind of push the wood over and move the pilot hole to the correction center spot once the hinges all screwed on you can take your handsaw and remove the remaining wood that was left over from the circular saw and release the lid from the rest of the castnow take sensory immersion clean up the outer corners of the lid biggest chisel and clean up these inner corners of the opening and then do some files saying get rid of any tear-out that you have for this application I'm doing is screwing down a stripper would react to the stops of door I like to put my finger on the opposite side of where I'm driving and screw in like in this place because your finger can feel the screw about to penetrate the wood I say don't actually drive it all the way through and you can back it out using this method of installing a piano hinge you can get pretty much perfect reveal on all the edges of the door with minimal fussing around and that's it thanks for watching have a good day

Thanks for your comment Coretta Watchorn, have a nice day.
- Kathline Macek, Staff Member

Comment by tremenatsU

piano hinges are a great way to install lids on chests like this tool chest project they're attractive sturdy and easy to install but here's something to keep in mind the next time you're installing a piano hinge you could just measure off the end of the hinge the length you need lop it off and let the chips fall where they may but here's the problem the amount of hinge leaf next to these end most holes is probably not going to be the same you'll have an inch of hinge leaf here in maybe only a quarter of an inch down here the hole placement will look unbalanced and unprofessional and that's not the look you're after so here's what to do instead measure the amount of hinge you need in two directions considering the placement of these end most holes then measure and cut it twice rather than once that will ensure that the end most holes are balanced on the hinge and it will look like it was made to be that way it's a little detail for sure but on an heirloom project like this little details make all the difference now if you like this video trick you can see all of our new video tricks plus our technique and more on the web videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel and liking us on Facebook thanks for watching

Thanks tremenatsU your participation is very much appreciated
- Kathline Macek

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3d model piano hinge

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3d model piano hinge

3d model piano hinge