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Last updated : Aug 20, 2022
Written by : Derek Stolzenberg
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3d model fire extinguisher

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3d model fire extinguisher

Comment by Stella Jessop

hi everybody and welcome back to the channel today first of all if you're new here subscribe to the channel don't forget to hit that notification bell today we are going to be making an extinguisher so let's get cracker um so first of all we're gonna add in a sphere uv sphere and then we're going to hit the x-ray button and the wireframe mode we're going to edit i'm going to alt a hit number one b to box select select the bottom half of the vertices and then we can just bring them down to approximately the length of a fire extinguisher and let's control a what we want to do now is just go back into the view we're going to i'll actually select all these bottom ones so b again make sure you have one vertice selected go into your um we need so go into transform pivot point and select active element and we need to scale z zero and that'll bring them all up to the same all up to the same height there so we're nice and flat okay right and what we want to do just go back in here gonna control a and reset all transformations and sort of scale and that's back to zero and then we're going to select the edges along the bottom here so alt and select do a what do we want control b to the bevel doesn't need to be much of a bevel go into our bevel tool and just segment say okay so it's just giving us a little bit of the bottom there then we can right click smooth shade right at the top here so we need to select maybe so there's gonna be a little bit and then we're just gonna select these three sets here so select face alt and set that loop loop and then the middle loop where you can't select the middle loop and so just press c to the full circular select and then if you hit it in the middle it'll select all of them and then just escape and then again what we want to do is we want one of these at the bottom here to be selected so that's our active element again make sure we're still selected and active and then scale zed zeros that's given us a flat top and scale zed zero don't forget to hit that return so that's giving us a nice flat top and we're going to select number three again and then say descent one and this one here and then what we're gonna do is we're going to extrude on the zed um so about there maybe i'm also going to put a little loop in and just bring it down to the bottom there because this is kind of like a screw cap um and then we want to alt and i'm free to select faces and then we are going to extrude along normals i think it is and then go inwards so then it's like so then it's like a cat screw cap there and then what we can do is just select two um to their to to here and then again we are going to extrude out slightly okay and then again on here what we need to do because nothing in life has got a sharp edge oh this is a knife but um we need to select edges we're going to select all these all these all these and all the ones on the outside here again on here and on here um you can also do the bottom just to make it look a little bit more realistic and around there and then we control b just to give it a little bit of an edge okay so now it looks a little bit better maybe we should have done those um so yeah so it looks a little bit better there and now what we do is we select so press c again select that one and then we just want to extrude on this yeah make sure your face is selected see um extrude zed so just bring that up there okay so for now maybe just bring it up a little bit more actually so for that and then let's just maybe get those edges on the outside there and bevel that ctrl b like so and then what we're going to do now we need to make a case bit for the bottom so what we can do is um shift a oh just a mesh cylinder and then just bring that down to the bottom there and then what we want to do is just make it like that because it doesn't sit too much in there um and then what we want to do is go to edit hit that top go into faces hit that top face and then just eye to inset but there and then extrude on the z like so okay so that's the bottom bit just shake it smooth because that hits the normals and auto smooth and then we can just take that back over there so let's maybe just scale it up a little bit there we go okay so that would be like sitting on the wall kind of thing um and also what we need actually is if we do a loop cut and then select go into faces select and then go to normal and then just extrude out like that and then hit the number two for edges so we're gonna hit those two there and then i'm gonna control b just bring it all the way around like so and then these two faces um what are we going to do i'm just needing to inset there and then just extrude on the zed like so okay and this thing is so our extinguisher is will be red um and then this bit here is gonna be black okay now from here to our little loop thing here we need to create a hose so what we're going to do is we will create a curve a bezier curve and just bring it round um let me just change that to global so rotate y 90 like so and then we're just going to bring it on over but here just so it lines up kind of okay and then oh actually what we'll do is i'll just bring it here and then we can just bring that around and then bring that across like there okay so it's just gonna make it a little bit easier to line everything up so we've got our curve here so we're just going to edit and then we're going to take this one and then bring it over to here and then up and then we're just going to hit that one there so basically we need that to spin around like so just bring it out of his head move that one like so bring it down a bit bring that one down a little bit and then we're going to extrude so this is going to be our nozzle where we're gonna direct to the fire and then just extrude it again just bring it on down into there like so now let's just smooth this out and bring that one around just so it's a little bit more more free flowing if you like let's just bring that one around like that now with this oh let's just bring that around right so we need to go into our properties and then into geometry and then depth we just need to hook that up to what's been thick maybe 0.1 okay so that is so that is our hose um and then on here what we need so we'll just come out of the edit mode and then on here we need to create two handles um so let's just shift a create a cube and then just bring it on down so to a nice handle kind of shape thinner sort of there maybe and what we need to do is just edit that bring this number bring this um edge down like so what else we need to do is control up a few loot cuts in there and then turn on proportional editing um so we're going to create this into a curve oh just set this one here and then bring it on out so we can just bring it into a nice curve like so okay and just bend it rotate it around bring it back down and then again if we just shift duplicate on the zed and then we can rotate that round like so maybe you want to make it a little bit higher up just gonna make this one a little bit thinner so it fits inside because this will be this will be like a sturdy bit and then you'll just push it down um and

Thanks for your comment Stella Jessop, have a nice day.
- Derek Stolzenberg, Staff Member

Comment by alininsfausx

Thanks for this interesting article

Thanks alininsfausx your participation is very much appreciated
- Derek Stolzenberg

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3d model fire extinguisher

3d model fire extinguisher