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Last updated : Sept 13, 2022
Written by : Luz Ballensky
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3d mockup in figma

Can you do 3D in Figma?

Create 3D design systems in Figma This way, a whole 3D design system can be made in Figma. Say you are using a 3D element as a part of your brand identity, or you have a product in 3D - just create a link in Vectary and let your designers decide which perspective works best for them during the creative process.

How do I make an image look 3D in Figma?

  1. Choose any frame (or image) you want.
  2. Run the plugin.
  3. Adjust the sliders until the 3d effect is fancy.
  4. Place it into your work as an image.

How do you use clay mockup 3D in Figma?

  1. Run Clay Mockups 3D from the plugin menu.
  2. Choose a device model.
  3. Select any layer to render it on the device's screen.
  4. To change the camera angle select an angle preset or click and drag over the device.
  5. Choose a device color.
  6. Click "Save as Image" to render the current view as an image layer in Figma.

How do you make a 3D sphere in Figma?

To create a 3D sphere we need to use a radial gradient that will include 4 colours, for Highlight, halftone, shadow and reflected light.

Is Vectary free to use?

Since VECTARY is a free tool, there isn't any cost for the software. If you are introducing a group of students to VECTARY, you can set up a virtual classroom and gather everything needed to introduce students to 3D modeling.

Can you make mockup in Figma?

Create mockups in Figma easily by getting access to thousands of world-class quality Artboard Studio mockup items right inside your Figma files. Easily render Figma frames into real-life product mockups with a click of a button. More items are added to our ever-growing library every day.

How do you download mockup on Figma?

  1. Install the Figma mockup plugin. To create mockups in Figma, I'll assume you've already got Figma installed, but if not you can go ahead and sign up for the generous free plan here.
  2. Select your Figma frame.
  3. Choose a Figma mockup.
  4. Export your Figma mockup.

Where can I get free 3D illustrations?

  • Freepik.
  • AmritPal Design.
  • Handz-Design.
  • SALY.
  • 3D Shapes by Nicolas Solerieu.
  • Hands by Icon8.
  • Illustrations by Icon8.
  • ShapeFest.

Can you use Figma for logo design?

Looking for the logo inspiration for your next awesome project on Figma no need to go out and roam here and there for getting logo or inspiration we got you right here in Figma, Logo Creator plugin with prebuild collections of logo browse the plugin and select the best logo or craft one using different component.

How do you make Glassmorphism in Figma?

  1. Set up the background. First, you'll need to go to the Figma, log in and create a new file.
  2. Add the shape for the effect. Make a rectangle (R) of the desired size.
  3. Format the shape. Round the corners (we entered 40).
  4. Add the background blur.
  5. Export the image.

What shapes do 3D designers use?

3D modeling is the art of creating digital representations of objects or surfaces using 3D modeling software. In the most basic case, three-dimensional models can be created from simple shapes like cubes, rectangles, and triangles. These shapes are then modified into complex, high-polygon designs.

How can I make 3D model from my laptop?

  1. Starting a New SketchUp File.
  2. Navigating the 3D Work Space.
  3. Creating 2D Shapes.
  4. Turning 2D Shapes into 3D Objects.
  5. Moving, Rotating, and Scaling Objects.
  6. Applying Textures and Colors to an Object.
  7. Saving a Model.

Is there a perspective tool in Figma?

Put UI or images into perspective using three unique methods; non-destructive isometric skewing, 3D with full perspective and FoV control, or have complete freedom by conforming to a four point vector.

How can I make a 3D model for free?

Blender is a free open source 3D creation suite. It allows you to model, animate, simulate and render 3D projects. Composition and motion tracking, video editing and game creation are also possible using Blender. We consider Blender to be the most advanced free 3D modeling app available, and we sure recommend it!

How can I get 3D models for free?

  1. 3D Printing.
  2. Thingiverse.
  3. Cults.
  4. Instructables.
  5. Printables.
  6. MyMiniFactory.
  7. Thangs.
  8. Pinshape.

Is Google SketchUp free?

Yes! SketchUp Free is a truly free product for personal projects (non-commercial applications). It works in any modern web browser (so... not IE), so you can now use SketchUp on Mac, Windows, Linux, and even Chromebooks!

Can you animate in Vectary?

Turn any Lottie or Gif into an animated material Easy, no-code, all in the browser. “With this new release, Vectary is becoming the hub for product designers, motion designers, 3D artists and developers.

What are blobs in Figma?

Create organic blob shapes with the click of a button. Every shape that is generated is unique to the last. You can control how unique a shape is along with how many points it has.

How do you create a random shape in Figma?

As you click and drag to create a shape, hold Space to move the shape around the canvas before releasing your mouse click.

How do you use blend mode in Figma?

  1. Select the layer you want to apply the blend mode to.
  2. In the Layer section of the Properties Panel, click on the blend mode field. This will be set to Pass through by default.
  3. Select the desired Blend mode to apply.

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3d mockup in figma

Comment by Carol Meddock

so sodo so sodo do you

Thanks for your comment Carol Meddock, have a nice day.
- Luz Ballensky, Staff Member

Comment by Norma

welcome back everyone so today's video i'm going to show you some cool figma plugins that you can use to create amazing mockups right on figma so the starting plugins are going to be very straightforward and easy to use and the ones towards the end are going to have some advanced features or you can create some advanced mockups so before i get started i've got three screens here from a ui kit that i've picked up from the figma community so we are going to use this for the demo purpose so starting off with the first one which is artboard studio mockups i've already installed it so i have it right away in my plugin so as you can see this is artboard studio mockups don't worry i'll be giving all these plug-in links in the description below you can just go ahead and install it and as you can see if you purchase their premium version you get these uh logged items unlocked but in the free version itself you have a lot of amazing devices here so if you want to filter it just go to all items and click on free items and as you can see these are some great mock-up devices so this one looks good so i just have to click on this and that will add up on the canvas as you can see here so every device you click it comes with a frame and then the device itself so this is the frame where you have to add your design here is my design i'll just create a duplicate of it and bring it inside this so don't worry if it doesn't fit exactly on this frame you just align it to the top and use the scale function which is k and just resize it so that it fits exactly in the frame now that it fits on the frame uh properly all you have to do is just click on the frame once again and click the option here which says render selected frame and that's it boom there you go you have that on the device right here and you can use this anywhere that you like so let me just show you one of the examples for which i will choose another one which is this one and there you go we have a amazing design of the mock-up already done so as you can see this is how it's gonna look and you have the shadows and all that stuff and you have a lot of variety of options to try so that is the first one so moving on to the next one which is called as clay mock-up 3d so just click on plugins option and here i have it so a window like this is going to open up so all you got to do is click on the frame or the design that you want to load here so this one is the one that i want and it just directly loads up and you can you know just rotate it in 3d space and whichever angle that you want so if you want it lying on the ground you can place it like this and you also have some great presets so you just click on the preset and you can just apply that and if you want to get some precise angle you can also go for this camera rotation and all the xyz access and also you have the option to change the device color so if you're working on a dark theme or something you can go for a dark theme and all you got to do is just click on save as image and there you go you have the high quality right on the canvas so that was how to use the clay mock-up 3d and now moving on to the next one which is vector 3d so just right click go to plugins and there we go so this one has a lot of 3d mock-ups so as you can see there are different types here not just devices let's see how this one works all you got to do is just click on the design that you want and say load frame and it gets loaded on the device and same like the previous example we saw you can just rotate this in 3d space the best part about this is it has you know the shadows also coming in and you have the lighting so if you can see the light source is also being rendered and if you don't want the shadow you can just turn it off and once you feel it's good just click on export image that will process and there you go you have the device mock-up ready and not just devices you have a lot of 3d objects to try here so this is a bonus tip in this video so if i want this hoodie right here and just click on any frame and just load it so if you want the exact dimensions you can get the layout here so that will give you the exact layout that the template requires so there you go this looks really cool so you have a hoodie with your app design on it so those were the three uh simple plugins that you could use to create this stuff and moving on a bit more advanced stuff that is you know creating your own angles and all that stuff for which you can explore your own mock-up templates and not stick to the ones that they're providing so you can go to the figma community tab and search for something like you know mockups and you will find a lot of options here so i search for mockups and as you can see i have a lot of devices that you can use let's try something here so this one looks good i like the design here so this is an iphone 12 mock-up so you all you got to do is just duplicate it and you'll have a duplicate version of the file here so as you can see this is the file and i like the blue device here so i'll just click this copy this onto the file that we created and now all you got to do is you know just select the image frame inside and just right click go to plugins and we have a plugin called as mockup so just click on that and you will have a window which basically shows all the frames in your canvas so you just have to select the design that you want to apply on this device so in my case i would like to apply this screen right here so all i have to do is just click on that and say apply but as you can see it's rotated but don't worry about that you have an option here to rotate the image so just click on that it's still rotated and i think once more there you go and here you have your design applied on the mock-up and you can just go ahead and use this just close this and you can use this wherever you want so that is a way to use it and not just the mockups that you find on figma community you can just search for any mockup that you like so let's say i search for mobile mockup and i go into the images so you have a lot of free options that you find for example this one is really looking good and they have a free version so it's actually free to use so you can go ahead and download it and copy it right away so what you can do is just put it and you just have to draw a frame around this so for example i'll just use the pen tool right here and i'm just doing this very quickly and now what you got to do is just right click go to the plugin and go to mock-up the same thing and here we're going to apply this one right there and say apply and there you go we have it right there and you have those rounded frame rounded corners that you can just apply with this and i'll just remove the stroke and there you go with just a couple of clicks you have this mock-up placed on a different device here and also you have a similar plug-in which is called as angle mock-up so this is also a cool plug-in that you can try out it just works the same way you just have to draw a frame and you get an option to choose which frame that you want to apply and just say apply and it gets applied on wh

Thanks Norma your participation is very much appreciated
- Luz Ballensky

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